It's Official: 'House of Cards' Will Return; Kevin Spacey Will Not

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | December 4, 2017 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | December 4, 2017 |


You know what I hated? I hated that a bunch of assholes blamed Anthony Rapp for the potential cancellation of House of Cards. I hated that the penis of Kevin Spacey — who, by the way, spoiler, isn’t even President anymore on House of Cards — was going to cost a lot of people their jobs. Seems almost beside the point, too, but after sticking with that show for five seasons, I also liked the idea of getting some closure.

So, I’m treating the fact that the series will be back for a final, eight-episode season as good news. Better still, Spacey won’t be on the series.

I like the idea that he can be killed off and it can continue. I like the idea that Robin Wright will run the show. I like the idea that, in the context of the House of Cards universe, Kevin Spacey no longer matters. The show has a lot more to offer other than the services of a sexual predator. Aside from Robin Wright, there’s still Mahershala Ali, Michael Kelly, Neve Campbell, and Molly Parker. I hope that, as President, Claire Underwood oversees the removal of dozens of Congressmen for sexual harassment. I hope that she gets for an enemy a racist, nationalist asshole in the Senate, and that she smites the hell out of him.

In short, I hope that the final season of House of Cards decides to speak out against all the goddamn evils that have infected politics and Hollywood and I hope that Claire Underwood heals a country that has been badly divided in the House of Cards universe and that she is reelected by a huge margin.

I also hope that she secretly spits on her husband’s grave when Kevin Spacey’s character is killed off.

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