It's Not All Wrestling: Upcoming SyFy Shows that are based on SciFi Novels
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It's Not All Wrestling: Upcoming SyFy Shows that are SciFi

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | April 11, 2013 | Comments ()


Even though most of what SyFy has cooking is usually a bunch of reality show pilots that should just be dropped into the deepest abyss of the ocean, occasionally a whole pile of honest to god science fiction television seems to work its way towards production all at once.

Now, I'll say up front that I don't expect half of this to ever see the light of day, but we're on the Internet, where we can dream of whatever we want in happy contented bubbles. If we were in this for reality, we might as well go outside and interact with actual people and things, and no one wants that.

So we've got the upcoming "Defyance", which looks fantastic so far, but we've also got a few other projects from creative people based on actual science fiction novels that look to be credible threats for awesome bombs.

First up, SyFy has greenlit a miniseries based on Larry Niven's "Ringworld", the novel in which scientists discover a massive alien artifact, a ring orbiting a star in the Goldilocks zone, creating a flat world that is millions of times bigger than the earth. There are ancient lost civilizations, mystery, and all sorts of intelligent hard science fiction. Sort of like "Riverworld" which the SyFy channel totally didn't screw up in every conceivable way.

Second, they've also greenlit a miniseries based on Arthur C. Clarke's "Childhood's End", equally fantastic hard science fiction. Go read the book, it's definitely worth it.

Third, Stephen King's "Eyes of the Dragon" is moving forward with them as well, based on a lesser read fantasy novel of his that intersects with the Dark Tower and The Stand. It's a shorter and simpler story that would adapt well to television.

Fourth, Philip K. Dick's "Man in the High Castle" is also being adapted for SyFy. It's an alternate history in which the Axis won the war and carved up the world, but you know, weird and intelligent the way that Dick always wrote. It's technically being adapted as a mini-series for the BBC and independently for SyFy. Ridley Scott is executive director of the American version, which I assume means he's a normal director but with cybernetic attachments.

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  • AxePriest

    I would disagree pretty strongly with the idea that Childhood's End is 'hard' science fiction. Great yes, hard sci fi, no.

  • rock rock on

    I'm still waiting for an adaptation of 'Dinosaur Forest' RIP Patrice O'Neal

  • Jerce

    'Member when this network gave us a miniseries based on U.K. LeGuin's Earthsea trilogy? 'Member that? It was so bad it made me want to gouge out my own eyes and the eyes of everyone else in the world out of sheer pity for the human race.

    Philip K. Dick’s “Man in the High Castle” is also being adapted for SyFy.

    NO NO NO FUCKING NO. Who do I have to assassinate, and how many of them are there? *runs off to make airline reservations*

  • UnderTheDark

    That was my initial response, but the BBC is actually adapting.. I guess it'll run concurrently, like Lost Girl? Anyway, the folks that bring me Sherlock can be trusted with PKD.

  • alannaofdoom

    I remain eternally glad that I took one look at the Earthsea posters and said NO NEVER NO. Did they even read the source material? (Probably not. Who has time for trivia like that? We have shows to greenlight!)

  • seth

    Childhood's End is one of my favorite books ever. And The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    I don't know...I still think Syfy looks/sounds like a pet name for syphilis (pronounced See-Fee).

  • linnyloo

    Or Siffy.

  • cinemaniac

    Eyes of the Dragon is easily my favorite book by King. Its one of the few books I reread every few years. Sounds like its time to dig up my copy again!

  • Eye of the Dragon is fantastic! It was one of the first fantasy novels I ever read and I still love it today. I hope SyFy does it justice and doesn't go all Earthsea (*shudder*) on it.

    And I know I'm not the only one still pissed at Stephen King for never mentioning You Know Who and The Other Guy again.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    I always thought it was weird that wrestling came on after Warehouse 13.

  • Joanne Smith

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