It's a Game! It's a Series! It's Your Sister and Your Daughter! SyFy Announces "Defiance"

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | March 29, 2012 |

In any case, SyFy is trying their own hand at it, launching a new television series called "Defiance," which will be linked to a massively-multiplayer online shooter. The storyline is post-apocalyptic, with both humans and aliens trying to salvage a war-torn Earth. The game will be set in California, and the series in Missouri. Because apparently virtual restraining orders have 2000 virtual miles of range on them. It would be awfully awkward if scenes of the series kept having to be reshot because of Leroy Jenkins.

What catches the eye though is that some serious talent has been assembled for the series. Rockne O'Bannon of "Farscape" fame is on board as a writer, Kevin Murphy of "Caprica" is the show runner, Michael Taylor of "BSG" is also attached, and Scott Stewart (Legion, Priest) is picking up some directing. Okay that last one might not be so great, but it's possible that he'll drag Paul Bettany into the mix, right?

The cast isn't terribly familiar, but it does have both Julie Benz and Jamie Murray, so "Dexter" fans will be excited, right? [crickets of depthless rage].

(source: Blastr)

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