Is This the Face That Launched a Thousand Spaceships?
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Is This the Face That Launched a Thousand Spaceships?

By Vivian Kane | Trade News | February 26, 2014 | Comments ()


There have been a lot of casting rumors floating around J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars, but it looks like we finally have something maybe kinda close to almost being confirmed.

While nothing’s been made official yet, Adam Driver is in talks to play a Darth Vader-type character in the upcoming Episode VII. According to Variety, nothing’s been confirmed because of some scheduling issues with Girls that may conflict with filming. Lena Dunham seemed to have cleared up these issues on Twitter:

But then she followed that up with this bit of backpeddling

Episode VII: Boneable Siths is supposed to start shooting in April, so we should have more casting-somethings-between-rumors-and-news flying around soon. But seriously, was there ever a face more perfect for the Dark Side?


Via Variety.

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  • sfkforever


  • narfna

    If Lena Dunham has never seen Star Wars, I guess that's the final nail in the coffin, as far as I'm concerned. Oy. I know I should like her. But I just don't. I just really dislike things that are pretentious, and her whole Girls schtick seems to be nothing but.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    I would like him to just be in the background of every scene, doing the "Please Mr. Kennedy" vocalizations. Can he be a soundtrack Sith? Is that a thing?

  • He'd be a Sith-thesizer, furnishing the electronic 'space' music.

  • Herald

    He can play some weird alien and they won't even need makeup.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Well, he's certainly got the ears of a powerful Force user:

  • TotesMcGotes

    This guy and Miles Teller both seem to be in every future project ever,and I haven't watched them in a single thing yet. Is Girls the only noteworthy thing he's done?

  • Megan

    Watch Miles in "The Spectacular Now." He's wonderful in it.

  • ellie

    He was also in Inside Llewyn Davis and Lincoln!

  • Robert Sanchez III

    I think this is great casting. I think Adam can pull of a depraved quiet with lord pretty well. He is also large enough that he will look intimidating in a light saber battle. This is a little better fit than Nightwing because he would have to pour on the charm for that where Star wars he can brood a little more which I think he's better at.

  • rio

    Look-wise Adam Driver is a weird mix between an ex and my cousin who no longer speaks with me because of a blood shedding feud his mother had with our side of the family on how to cook spaghetti so I feel he's just perfect as darth vader-material.

  • reemul

    Seriously?! Who is he supposed to play, Darth Moist? Yeah, he's really radiating menace. Scary.

  • the blackest knight

    Sucks that I can only up vote this once.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    That face? Kinda more Douche Side than Dark Side, amiright?

    I'm not? Oh, okay, then.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Maybe he gets to wear a mask, too.

  • Paulo Gonzales


  • Al Borland's Beard

    That's a weird way to take off a shirt.

  • Bananapanda

    Well he's ugly and dark and surly looking, so good casting!

  • the blackest knight

    But he's in a hit show and will bring in that audience right?

  • The idea that Adam Driver wouldn't accept a major role in a trillion-dollar sci-fi franchise because he just can't get out of filming another scene where he blows a load on a chick's chest is the funniest damn thing in the world to me.

  • Adam Driver as Darth Caedus?

  • Cowtools

    Lena Dunham would be the kind of person who's proud to broadcast that she's never seen Star Wars.

  • Pasqualie

    I thought he was done on Girls after season 3?

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