Is Game of Thrones Already Filming Cersei's Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Scene?

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Is 'Game of Thrones' Already Filming Cersei's *Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler* Scene?

By Cindy Davis | Trade News | July 23, 2014 | Comments ()


Whoa, what is going on? I was skimming through Vulture’s glut of Game of Thrones Season 5 information — mostly casting rumors and location information (plus episode directors) — and I got to a certain paragraph and stopped dead in my tracks. Firstly, if you didn’t notice the headline, this place is about to get All Spoilered Up; if you’re not a book reader and/or you don’t want to be spoiled, get the fork out.

Okay, are they gone? So here’s the part I stumbled on:

Local reports in Šibenik indicate that the local diocese was not pleased with a scene to be shot around the cathedral of St. James, and that Bishop Anthony IV was “personally sabotaging” the shoot because “he does not like the content.” This is an easy-to-parse clue for readers of the George R.R. Martin book series — it likely involves a pivotal scene in which Cersei takes a particular punishment from the more militant religious forces in Westeros. Another bit of evidence to support it being about Cersei’s walk of shame: The applications potential extras filled out asked, “Do you consent to the recording of nude scenes?” — which might be standard practice in the industry and especially for any scene in Game of Thrones, but could also speak to that Cersei section’s prolonged out-of-doors nude scene.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if this report is true, aren’t we getting way ahead of the game? I’m starting to panic about all the jumping around, skipping over things (which by the by, that thing about Lady Stoneheart not showing up seems to be absolutely true, as Michelle Fairley has signed onto another series), and closing in on The Winds of Winter territory entirely too early?

Additionally, it’s been rumored that Keisha Castle-Hughes may play Nymeria Sand, Lost’s Tania Raymonde read for Obara Sand, and Myrcella (Aimee Richardson) is about to be aged up and recast.

Read the whole story here, and feel free to do the freak-out dance with me.

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  • Valar

    I also read that they're filming a battle in the snow, so they are probably way into WoW territory by the end of the season, as they should be. People have been waiting for the much-talked about looming winter for four seasons.

  • $78742978

    I feel like I may quit the show if there's really no Lady Stoneheart. I think I might quit the book if she doesn't kill all Frey's spawn-- ALL of Frey's spawn, and then the old man himself.

  • Mario Perić

    The bishop's name is Ante Ivas, not Anthony IV. These are not the Middle Ages.

  • Luís Rafael Flores

    I think we just have to accept that Game of Thrones is now its own gig, and that the fifth season may only be slightly inspired by (more than adapted from) the books. Given the recent statements by HBO, and the logistics of the series I highly doubt we will get the chance of even being presented with an adaptation of WoW, much less of the Dreams of Spring (if it ever gets written). No, I'd wager seasons 6 and 7 will be entirelly up to D.B and D.W. god help us...

  • paulwt

    This has been true since season 2. It's not a faithful adaptation or an attempt at one. They're exploiting and mining the books for shock fodder.

  • mzblackwidow

    would you care to give us an alternative to them finishing the story? It's not as if Martin will. Mining for shock fodder? Yes because it's so hard to find sex or violence scenes in the books.,

  • Luís Rafael Flores

    LOL yup, the word rape is almost entirely absent from the books... I would say that saying the show is "mining the books for shock fodder" is very unfair to the series and all of the team involved. But yes, they do that to some extent. There's this thing with HBO that every series must have gratuitous sex scenes. And sometimes they do have a role to play and shouldn't be ignored, but most other times they are entirelly uneccessary. There is no other alternative. I mean the preQuels and all thaat would be cool if it weren't for the actors contracts and for this:

    What I meant from my post is that we really have to start preparing for a abrupt departure from the books (even more so than in previous seasons). Otherwise I suspect many fans will be severely dissapointed and there may be a backlash against HBO.

  • LowSlash

    When we didn't get to see Jaime cut through Robb's bannermen in an attempt to slay him during the battle of the Whispering Wood, I had to accept that this show wasn't going to be everything I wanted it to be. The show is (mostly) great, and the casting runs from well done to inspired, so I will continue to watch it. But years down the road when I find I'm missing Westeros, it'll be the books I come back to.

  • Valar

    Yet in the same episode they found time for a sexposition scene with Ros standing around naked while Pycelle talked about kings.

  • Luís Rafael Flores

    Totes. But really... it is unreasonable to expect otherwise. I mean the problem I guess is that the first season was, for all intents and purposes, perfect. And I don't say this light heartidly. My experience was that I first watched the first season a bit after its release, and only aftwards did I read the books. So maybe my opinion is biased. But man... that adaptation. Nearly everything (from the first book), as I recall it, is there. The only major plot point not touched upon were Ned's feverish dreams of Lyanna's death bed. But oh well, it serves more as foreshadowing and world building, which by the way I think is done in a fantastic way in the show. I think it's amazing the amount of gratuitous fan service that the writers have managed to produce with only a couple of dialogue lines. And the caracters I'd are excelently cast, altough their characterization sometimes makes no sense. But again, it is a tv series, and it was manageble in the self contained world of the first book. I mean, you had KL and the Dotraki lands, and that was it basically. Now they have to cronologically and thematically tie like 300 000 characters and plotlines. It is amazing that they have managed to do so at all I think. People often forget the herculean task and demands envolved in adapting this particular universe. And yes, there are grievous mistakes (errgggg that Jaime/Cercei scene, god, altough in that particular case I think the problem was due to poor execution, not exactly to misinterpretaion of the text). But you know, you get awful scenes like that whole Craster's sideplot this past season, but also nice little tidbits like that scene which was cut from S03 in which Pycelle and Tywin talk without the whole "My lord I am not as young as I once was" nonsense (check it out on YouTube if you haven't already). The point is, I like the series, but I love the books, and I always try to not expect much from the latter medium, because it is a nearly impossible task, so I try to be just happy with what they have been producing thus far: However I will concede that I don't get as excited with every new episode as I once did, but... well that's just how it is

  • Robert Sanchez III

    They already showed zombie Gregor being worked on so its not gonna surprise me if they do the whole cersei arc just to fill time in the season. otherwise we will see Tyrion being a circus attraction and Melisandre eye fucking Jon Snow.

  • manting

    So what happens when the show gets ahead of the books? Will book readers be able to trust show watchers not to spoil shit? Yeah I didnt think so either. While I enjoy the show they have left out so much great material at the expense of adding invented plot lines that are nonsensical and illogical. I hope next season is better than the last one.

  • paulwt

    You can't spoil the books - the books are good. They don't rely on shock value for their enjoyment.

  • mzblackwidow

    it's just a shame that people grow old and die waiting to read the next one. The only shock liable to come from that direction is a definite announcement of a release date this decade.

  • Billybob

    I still believe Lady Stoneheart will turn up. She's only actually appeared in a couple of scenes so far, which can easily be scheduled for a working actor. And given how much of a makeup job it'll involve, it need not even necessarily be Ms Fairley (although I hope it is).

  • Sean

    I really think Fairley was lying when she said that there was no Lady Stoneheart.

  • competitivenonfiction

    I know I keep harping on this, but she never really said that there was no Lady Stoneheart. She said that the character's arc was over (or something to that effect) and that she trusts the writers when they make changes to the books. Basically, I think she was saying that Caitlin is gone, and that she likes the changes they've made so far. I don't believe even for a second that this isn't a red herring.

    But then again, I was one of those who kept saying there was no way that the mother would die and Ted would go back to Robin so, you know, deep denial. Actually, I still maintain that Robin was crying in that last scene because she thought maybe just maybe she had escaped this BS but yet here he was again with a stupid fucking blue horn, so it wasn't quite the sweet reunion everyone had in mind.

  • Sean

    Hmmm...I thought that would happen in season 6. I guess that is how season 5 will end. Interesting.

  • Sean_C

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if this report is true, aren’t we getting way ahead of the game?

    No. Cersei has about a season's worth of story in AFFC/ADWD, and this means they're indeed treating it as such.

  • chebyshov

    S5 is definitely going to end with this for Cersei.

  • Aaron Schulz

    I may be wrong, but dont they shave her head, maybe she said, he fuck it shave it off and they are giving her time to grow it back before they start filming again. But then again she does wear a wig, and the new shooting cant be that far away, so who knows.

  • Billybob

    They'll probably just hack it short with shears, like a French girl accused of sleeping with Nazis. Which, given Lena's usual do, is not going to be much of a problem.

  • There are only three seasons left. They need to cover four books. I'd be shocked if this scene didn't happen next year, actually.

  • Sean

    I think they are going 8 seasons.

  • When asked at TCA, HBO reiterated point blank that the plan is for 7 seasons. Granted, Lombardo left himself an out with the "plan" qualifier, but I think they're going to everything possible to end this after seven years.

  • John W

    Maybe they're shooting it now to take advantage of weather?


    I read there might be more than one Nymeria making an appearance next season.

  • Laszlo

    Sounds about right, if they're doing books 4 and 5 together, this is to be expected. Plus we've already seen hints of Ser Robert Strong, so they do seem to be hurrying that plotline along.
    Although, why would they ask the extras if they consent to nudity, if it's that scene? The onlookers aren't nude, so I'm thinking it might be some shit where they introduce the concept of it by showing random people going through it.

  • apocalipstick

    It is common, if you are in a production where anyone is going to be nude, to be asked to sign a release. Basically, it's a hedge against an extra screaming "I saw his twig and berries! I'm traumatized!" No one can say they weren't warned, IYGMD.

  • Billybob

    "Recording of nude scenes" not "doing nudity". This may be a basic morality check - are you okay being in a scene in which someone is naked, or would you have an attack of the vapours and disrupt filming?

  • Sean

    I think most of us would be delighted to be around naked Lena Hedley and get paid for it.

  • Billybob

    Assuming she isn't using a body double? Long shots and closeups, it'd be the easiest thing in the world. A little disappointing, of course, but she's got through multiple sex scenes without taking her kit off.

  • Sean

    But she has been taking her clothes off on camera for more than 20 years. Why stop now?

  • freetickles

    Seems a little early for that since the new high septon still needs to show up and start doing shit, Cersei gets Maergery thrown in jail or whatever it is, then Cersei herself gets thrown in then needs to be in there awhile, but I guess that could all happen over the course of a season. I'd have liked Cersei getting thrown in jail to end this season, though.

  • Billybob

    New High Septon in the first couple of episodes, Cersei's war on Margaery through the middle part of the season, Walk of Shame to close things out. This season could end with Cersei looking triumphant, a la Danaerys in one and three.

  • Tinkerville

    Frankly, I trust them. A lot of the changes they've made have been for the better and they've done an excellent job of making parts of the book that dragged more interesting. This might not come until the last episode, and I'm sure they have things planned out to a T.

  • paulwt

    None of the changes have been for the better. Every fanfic add has been awful and tended towards childishness, simplicity (the bad kind) and sensationalism.

  • Judge_Snyder

    Tania Raymonde is a fantastic young actress and needs to be in more stuff.

  • Batesian

    Seconded, thirded, and fourthed.

  • LadyUncool

    I find it completely reasonable that Cersei's Walk will be at the end of the season. I think this season is going to finish the remainder of Feast/Dance, and possibly even into TwOW with Bran and Sansa. I see this Cersei scene being in episode 9 or 10 of next season. If you are worried about the Walk being early on in the season, remember they don't always film the season in chronological order. IIRC Pedro Pascal even said that the first scene he shot was the "I will be your champion" monologue with Tyrion, which was in episode 7.

  • ADwD next season? I wasn't thinking they'd get that far already.

  • Andy Bockemeier

    The showrunners have revealed they plan on 7 seasons total, which would suggest that season 5 will cover both Feast and Dance.

  • They're going to have to. Can't keep Tyrion offscreen for an entire year. Hell, I fully expect big chunks of WoW to show up (Bran for sure).

  • I'm thinking Ep 10 for this scene for her. Probably juxtaposing her fall with Dany's plotline and Arya's.

  • Jenn TheYellowDart

    "aren't getting way ahead of the game"
    *clever girl*

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