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June 24, 2008 |

By Daniel Carlson | Industry | June 24, 2008 |

There’s always a certain amount of anticipation accompanying Quentin Tarantino projects. Whether you write him off as derivative, worship as innovative, or just enjoy living in the tension between the two poles the man seems to occupy, it’s hard to deny that he’s talented at making his movies seem like events unto themselves. The Tarantino news this week isn’t about filming, or casting, or even the start of production: All he’s done is finish the script for Inglorious Bastards, a World War II epic he describes as “modern” and “in-your-face,” presumably unaware that “in-your-face” is pretty much how things have been going lately in the genre since Saving Private Ryan. Tarantino broke news of the script’s completion at the recent Provincetown Film Festival in Massachusetts, saying he was a “real happy dude” at finishing the job. (One assumes he used up all his good dialogue in the screenplay.) Tarantino said that he plans to head into preproduction as soon as possible and that he wants the film ready for next year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Anna Faris has already signed to play porn star Linda Lovelace in Matthew Wilder’s biopic Inferno, but it looks like she’ll be sharing the screen with Sam Rockwell. Lovelace starred in Deep Throat at 23 and spoke out against porn later in her life, and Rockwell will play one of her husbands. “I think we’re still working on the money bit,” she told MTV, so who knows what that means as far as actual casting or shooting. But Rockwell’s an actor of considerable talent, and it’d be interesting to see him play a guy reported to be a pretty big tool.

Here’s the worst news I can possibly report. It’s the kind of terrible, fucked-up bit of information that’s doing all it can to bring me down from my weekend high and grind me down into the gritty paste Hollywood sometimes wants me to be. Roadside Attractions has acquired global rights to Beer For My Horses, a film (a) written by, (b) produced by, and (c) starring Toby Keith. Do you understand what this is? This is like Carlos Mencia got elected to office. This is pure black glistening evil. The film is a road trip movie about a pair of deputies who defy their sheriff and save one of their girlfriends. The film’s title comes from a song by Keith that’s just as awful as you think it is. Everything about this will be bad.

Gah, I gotta get that taste out of my mouth. Let’s move onto the trailer watch. First up is the clip for Swing Vote, a comedy starring Kevin Costner:

Here’s a look at August with Josh Hartnett, who may or may not be a piece of animated plastic:

Finally, here’s a preview for a documentary called Trumbo:

Daniel Carlson is the managing editor of Pajiba and a low-level employee at a Hollywood industry magazine. You can visit his blog, Slowly Going Bald.

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Industry | June 24, 2008 |

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