What Took You So Long?

By TK | Trade News | October 13, 2009 | Comments ()


File this under: Surprised it hasn't happened sooner.

Roland Emmerich, he who apparently has a personal vendetta against the world's major landmarks and won't rest until he's destroyed every one of them on the big screen, is indeed planning a sequel to the megadumb megahit Independence Day. He recently told Latino Review that he has "a very really good great story, a very cool one."

Very really good great. Outstanding. I've been waiting for the next very really good great story.

Adjective abuse aside, apparently what's holding the project up is Will Smith's ridiculous salary (which also usually includes a percentage of the gross) that Fox is balking at. It seems sort of silly for Fox to hesitate to pull the trigger on it -- Smith is guaranteed money at this point, and assuming 2012 does the boffo business that I'm sure it will, the picture is pretty much a sure thing.

Not quite sure where there is to go from here, but it will likely involve more whiz-bang effects, super alien spaceships, Will Smith being badass yet non-threatening, numerous idiotic plot holes, and the Sydney Opera House being leveled. Or some other important piece of architecture. The world's monuments clearly wronged Emmerich in another life.

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