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By Brian Prisco | Industry | July 22, 2010 | Comments ()

By Brian Prisco | Industry | July 22, 2010 |


It does my heart good going to the smaller panels and seeing these tiny rooms busting at the seams. Sure, while everyone's clamoring for glimpses at the new Tron: Legacy trailer, there's still folks there to hear about the newest issues of Brightest Day or to hear about the latest expansion pack for Magic: The Gathering. But not me, cause that shit's for losers.

Instead, I decided to pile into a crowded house full of my fattest and sweatiest compatriots to hear a panel wax poetic on the state of Epic Fantasy. There were six folks there: Lynn Flewelling, Megan Whalen Turner, Brent Weeks, Christopher Paolini, Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss. I was only there for the last two, but they were all pretty excellent speakers, especially Paolini, who's now an awkward twentysomething instead of an awkward teenager.

It wasn't so much a debate as one person would make a good point, and they'd all take 20 minutes to agree. Except Rothfuss, who reminded me of Dan Carlson with an even larger beard, who admitted his delight at being contrary. They all praised convention and tropes and Tolkien.

It was worth it, if only to see both the moderator and the other panelists give Rothfuss shit for missing the deadline on his latest book. A Wise Man's Fear, which he said clocked in at a staggering 400,000 words, is going to come out March 1. And he's said the third book is probably going to be double that.

So it should come out around the same time as A Dance of Dragons.

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