In The Best of All Possible Worlds, The Five Senses Trailer Would Not Be Unique

By Rob Payne | Trade News | July 13, 2011 | Comments ()

By Rob Payne | Trade News | July 13, 2011 |

Who is Jaron Pitts? You probably know him best as the guy behind the Green Lantern trailer. No, not the ones trying to sell the CGI tragedy currently playing at a multiplex near you, but the one that traded in one "Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place" actor for another. You know, the one with Nathan "Bunk" Fillion? The one even non-Green Lantern fans wish had been real? It's one of the best "fan-made" trailers I've ever seen, and I saw it right here on Pajiba. As such, I am proud to share with you Jaron Pitts' next carefully crafted trailer for the new Viper Comics title Five Senses. It "stars" another Pajiba favorite in Bradley Cooper and I can't get enough of it.


I don't know a damn thing about this comic book -- mainly because it won't be available until the imminent SDCC, and neither the publisher's website, nor Wikipedia, nor Google, nor Amazon has anything else to say about it -- but this trailer has me hooked. It doesn't hurt that I've read a couple of Viper's other series (mostly Dead@17 and The Middleman) and have found them more than worthwhile ways to spend my time. From what is available to "read" of the comic, it's impossible to determine if Five Senses will be any good, and unfortunately I can't give you a plot synopsis because Viper did not respond to my emails. But I will be looking for the first issue at my LCBS, so the trailer definitely worked. Good for them.

However, I did get in touch with Jaron Pitts and he described the comic as "a mind bending thriller" that has "the feel of an early [David] Fincher movie." The trailer definitely sends that message, with a possible hint of the supernatural. Pitts also informed me that, even though he was contracted out to make this trailer for the upcoming comic, Viper is hard at work on a cinematic adaptation. Considering that The Middleman was also a short-lived (and, by all accounts, excellent) TV show, the probability isn't that a studio-driven Five Senses movie trailer could be in Pajiba's future. If Pitts were to get the opportunity to make a real trailer for a real movie, it still wouldn't be the best of all possible worlds. But it would be a markedly better one. I wouldn't expect to see Cooper attached to the adaptation, either, which is a shame, as Pitts' editing certainly sales The Emu as the story's proper lead. Kind of like he did with the wish fulfillment in Green Lantern. Good for him; good for everyone.

Oh, and in fairness to all the professional trailer makers out there, and for the people who always say to critics "What have you ever done? Huh?! You mean old bully!", I'm going to share something that I will probably regret. Below is a trailer I made for a student film I wrote in college, and that my-roommate-at-the-time directed for his final project. It's all in Japanese, so you'll have to read even more of my words while you watch, and isn't close to perfect, so I beg of you, be kind.

Ichiro, Ichiro: The Trailer

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Rob Payne also writes the indie comic The Unstoppable Force, co-hosts the internet radio show/podcast We're Not Fanboys, and can be criticized on the Twitter @RobOfWar. He also freely admits the "Cowboy Bebop" influence on Ichiro, Ichiro, and you can hear just how much influence if you watch the "for funzies" version. Hey, it was college.

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