In Case You Needed Another Reason Not To Watch "Whitney"

By Rob Payne | Trade News | September 30, 2011 | Comments ()


Lisa Lampanelli.

I'm not going to bother getting into why she's horrible, and why her guest appearance on "Whitney" in an upcoming episode makes perfect, gloriously awful sense. This clip from the Comedy Central roast of Chevy Chase says it all:

That was the shortest clip I could find to illustrate my point. You're welcome.

And if I were you, I would simply not to watch any future episodes of NBC's "Whitney," just in case the next one you happen to check out is Lisa Lampanelli's episode. Ken Marino is also set to guest star in an episode, but if you really want to see him you can catch Adult Swim's "Children's Hospital" or turn on the Netflix View Instant and watch "Party Down" or "The State." After all, you might just run into her, and you would only have yourself to blame.

Rob Payne also writes the comic The Unstoppable Force, co-hosts the podcast We're Not Fanboys, and tweets on the Twitter @RobOfWar. He's pretty sure the combination of Whitney Cummings and Lisa Lampanelli is even worse than the opposite of Batman.

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