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By Cindy Davis | Trade News | February 11, 2011 | Comments ()


Like a lot of comedians, Chris Elliott is one you either love or despise. Those of us who love him have been sitting around since his idiotically brilliant series, "Get a Life," wondering when he's coming back. I cannot take one minute of Jim Carey or Adam Sandler (except in Punch Drunk Love) without wanting to throw myself in front of a heavy, wheeled vehicle, and yet Elliott's juvenile, whiny, puffy, bald nonsense gives me the giggles. He's one of those guys who might live around the corner and irritate the fork out of you, but somehow, on television his shtick works.

Produced by Conan O'Brien's Conaco, "Eagleheart" has Elliot goofing around with the "Walker, Texas Ranger" premise; he plays U.S. Marshal Chris Monsanto, an over-the-top violent and of course, idiotic law enforcement officer who has yet to be able to keep a partner alive. If you thought Chuck Norris was a few brain cells light, Elliot promises to bring stupid to new levels. And if you're in a hurry for a laugh, the show's 15 minute format might be just the quick fix you need. Here's a clip:

"Eagleheart" airs on Adult Swim, Thursdays at midnight and co-stars Michael Gladis ("Mad Men"), Maria Thayer (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Brett Gelman.

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