Ich Bin Ein Scaredy Cat

By Cindy Davis | Trade News | August 27, 2010 | Comments ()


Yes, I'm a scaredy cat, a chicken shit, a wimp. And yet still I seem to be attracted to the dark, the creepy, the serial killers. Sometimes I cover my eyes during the bad parts, peeking from between my fingers and yes, people laugh heartily when they see me. Whatthefrakever. At least I try to watch, right? And I'm definitely going to subject myself to this one, A Horrible Way to Die which will have its debut at the upcoming Toronto Film Festival.

A Horrible Way to Die is directed by Adam WIngard (Pop Skull and tells of an escaped killer (AJ Bowen) on the hunt for his former girlfriend (Amy Seimetz) who left town to make a new life. It's a simple premise and sometimes the best scary tales are the least complicated. I love the trailer's calm, quiet leading to a disturbing montage of images.

Updated with a new trailer link

Ima be in my theater, peeking.

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