I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah: First New <i>Star Wars</i> Film May Be Yoda Vehicle
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I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah: First New Star Wars Film May Be Yoda Vehicle

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | February 5, 2013 | Comments ()


With JJ Abrams taking over Star Wars necessarily dominating all the rumor mills of the last month involved with speculating on the future of the franchise, there have been a growing pile of other rumors that are far more fascinating then who happens to be directing the next big thing. I was going to explain, but then I decided to sum up instead.

See what it looks like is going on is that Disney is adapting the lessons of the pile of money generated by their Marvel adventures to the Star Wars universe. Although there will certainly be a central tent pole film that Abrams is directing, there is also a vision for side projects. These other films will stand on their own, but help support the central story. Sort of like how all the Avengers who matter (suck it Hawkeye) get their own films and television series, surrounding the big billion dollar one in the middle. There are two reasons why I am excited about this.

First, it is the first time in movie history that "tent pole" is being used in a way that makes any grammatical sense at all. Have you ever seen a tent? It is not a series of similarly tall posts only holding up their own weight. It is a series of poles of varying height holding up an overall structure. Disney's plan for Star Wars (and their approach to Avengers) is a tent pole. Big movie that we want to have sequels, is not a fucking tent pole. It is a chain of totem poles, if you must stick with the pole metaphor.

Second, the rumors of side films are ranging from the fantastic to not-fantastic-but-at-least-interesting. It's been leaked that Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are writing separate Star Wars films, neither of which are Episode 7. We've got rumors that the first film out the gate in advance of the Abrams film, is actually going to be a Yoda origin story penned by Kasdan. Presumably Yoda won't jump around like a caffeinated Sonic the Hedgehog, because I don't want to have to burn this city down. Then we've got a solo Han Solo film dancing in the background that Robert Rodriguez has expressed interest in. And of course the perennial rumors of a Boba Fett film, which has been rumored since the eighties, and I've never understood the appeal. There's been separate rumors of a Jabba the Hutt film, and finally, there is rumor that Zack Snyder is being considered for a Seven Samurai take (which is only fitting considering the old connection between Star Wars and The Hidden Fortress) on a group of Jedi.

(source: Slashfilm)

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  • googergieger


  • B-Unit

    I always thought a "Han and Chewie - The Early Years" would've made for a bad-ass movie. Throw in a young Lando plus gambling, smuggling, and a few ladies and you can keep the Jedi crap. That'd be an entertaining flick (assuming someone could fill Ford & Billy Dee's shoes).

  • DarthCorleone

    I agree this is an exciting time. Give it all to us. Some will be bad. Some will be good. Any good Star Wars will be worth it to me.

  • pissant

    And of course the perennial rumors of a Boba Fett film, which has been rumored since the eighties, and I’ve never understood the appeal.

    Have you seen Episode IV-VI (well, not really IV, but you know what I mean)? Is your mind being clouded by all that Jango Fett business? The only thing I can never understand is why I (and every other red-blooded Star Wars fan) loves Boba Fett so much with such limited screentime.

  • Wembley


  • Frank Booth

    The rumor mill for this has already grown tedious, especially that the actual production has barely stated

  • The Pom

    The things I would do to see the Knights of The Old Republic Universe as a movie...

  • Three_nineteen

    "Big movie that we want to have sequels, is not a fucking tent pole."

    That was never the meaning of the term "tent pole". A tent pole movie is the summer blockbuster that a movie studio wants to have that will make a shit-ton of money. The profit from that movie props up the studio's financial situation so even if the other summer releases (which are the smaller poles) don't make much money, the studio is still successful.

  • J.P.

    Where did you get the information that the Yoda movie will be released before Episode VII? Sounds like wild mass guessing to me.

    Also, the Snyder - Seven Samurai rumour was debunked weeks ago by Snyder himself.

  • annoyingmouse

    I thought the Seven Samurai film was already shot down by Snyder?

  • Natallica

    I still don't understand why they want to mine in the past when there's a lot of very attractive material in the Star Wars comics about the adventures of Han and Leia's kids that still contemplate some characters and mythology from the original series.

  • JH

    To be fair, there's also massive piles of crap. (I think my childhood died when I found out what happened to the nice Solo kids after I stopped reading Young Jedi Knights.)

    But then there's Mara Jade and Grand Admiral Thrawn, who they'd be idiots not to use.

  • Natallica

    I didn't say it was all attractive (some of it is very far-fetched, actually), but there's a lot that can be used as a fertile start point. And the Mara Jade-Luke Skywalker storyline is awesome

  • John G.

    Here we go, Disney is gonna get their $4 billion dollars back or die trying. Get ready for an endless continuation of the main story, endless side projects, probably a few separate animated kids tv shows, maybe a prime-time live action tv show, cross-promotional ties with ABC shows, like shit....what's a show on ABC? The Bachelor? The Jimmy Kimmel Show?

    Anyway, prepare to choke on Star Wars

  • Superasente

    You say all of that like it's not good. Cuz I'm like "We're gonna get to see an endless continuation of the main story! And endless spin-offs and tv shows and cartoons! And a prime-time drama, you say? We should all be so blessed! Why, we're going to have so much Star Wars that we're going to choke on it!"

    And then I'm like, "Why won't anyone have sex with me? I'm so painfully lonely." And then I cry and cry and argue with my GPS because its the only female voice in my life. I'm like, "Dammit Jill, I want to go to Cleveland." But she doesn't know the address there.

  • L.O.V.E.

    That is a bold-faced lie. I have been to Cleveland. No one wants to go to Cleveland. You drive north until you hit a lake, realize Detroit is to your left and Buffalo it to your right, and then you lose all hope and just keep driving north until your car is just one big fish tank.

  • Katylalala

    Everyone wants to flee to the Cleve.

  • L.O.V.E.

    No Liz Lemon. You do not want to go to there. You had your chance to marry Jason Sudeikis and live in Cleveland, but you wised up and stayed in New York.

  • JJ

    I get that people love to bitch about Lucas and Disney, but you fully realize how broad the Star Wars expanded universe has become already? The audio dramas released through the nineties, the TV shows, the more than 100 video games, not to mention the books, toys, collectibles, etc. This endless continuation is and has already been going on for decades. I'm not saying that all of it is fantastic work, but how much has all that previous work made you choke on Star Wars? Won't it likely to be interesting to get different contemporary directors in on something that is obviously very popular?

  • John G.

    JJ? Hey, are you JJ Abrams?

  • JJ

    I, no, what's that over there? LENS FLARE!
    *runs away*

  • phase10


  • More than we do now?

    Let's not pretend that Star Wars isn't already heavily cross-promoted with a billion random tie-ins, cartoons, games, toys, and etc. Nothing is changing here except maybe, maybe, maybe Disney will hire actual talent to work on it instead of letting Lucas run the show.

  • Did you seriously just write Hans Solo? Who are you, my 65-year-old mother?

  • Oh son, I'm so sorry that you had to find out this way. Since your father left me for your transvestite former lover Kiki, it's been so hard for me to make ends meet, so I've had to take work writing on the Internet. I know that it's not as humiliating as the time your high school dance team discovered the bestiality snuff films I made to put myself through vet school, but I appreciate that this will be difficult for you. I have fixed the typo so that when you return to this article again and again, you are not eternally haunted by "Hans", who of course reminds you of the German dwarf we rented your top bunk to when you were in first grade. He always tried to cheer you up with clown costumes after midnight, but you were young and he reeked of gin, so I can understand why you don't remember him as fondly as he does you.

  • Hans

    Why do you feel sorry for tederick? I'm the one who lost countless nights of sleep because of his goddamn masturbating.

  • BAM

    Petty much?

  • Anna von Beav


  • Kiki

    No reason to get all bitchy because you fucked up.

  • Anna von Beav


  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Wait? There were TWO German dwarves named Hans? My parents have some serious explaining to do.

  • Superasente

    Wow. Things escalated quickly.

  • John G.

    Hans solo is Han's Austrian cousin.

  • JJ

    Hans schoss zuerst!

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