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By Cindy Davis | Trade News | January 10, 2011 | Comments ()

By Cindy Davis | Trade News | January 10, 2011 |

But what do you know, Russell T. Davies does have that little rabbit up his sleeve and he's wiggling his hands around and distracting me just enough to make me sit up in my seat and strain my neck trying to see what he's doing. If you don't want to know anything at all about the premise of Series 4, now's the time to evacuate...

Here, I'll distract you a second:


So the new series is officially called "Torchwood: Miracle Day" and what happens on this day is that everyone on Earth stops dying. Well, let me clarify - people keep dying but they don't actually die. Hey wait, that doesn't make sense, does it? But Bill Pullman can help; he described a scene where he plays a convicted murderer lying on a table being given his lethal injection, but it doesn't kill him. And so goes the world, because all of a sudden no one can die anymore. (Okay, I get it now.) When one thinks about that, how many of us really want to be immortal? And what happens to Earth when everyone lives forever? We think we're trashing the place now...

Anyway, he who is already immortal, Mister **SPOILER**

Hot Grandchild Killer, himself, is called in to investigate. Now, assuming Captain Jack can uncover and/or correct this situation, not only will he be the dude who killed his own grandchild, but if he sets things straight he'll be killing a whole shitload of people. I guess Davies really doesn't want us to like JB. Good luck with that man, because no matter how many people he kills and no matter how gay he is I'm going to have my way with that man! (In my sleep, at least.)

So that's the news and it has indeed renewed my interest in "Torchwood", at least for the time being. How about you?

(Source: io9, EW)

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