"I Invented Him": Director James Toback Rips Robert Downey, Jr.'s Career to Shreds

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"I Invented Him": Director James Toback Rips Robert Downey, Jr.'s Career to Shreds

By Courtney Enlow | Trade News | October 29, 2013 | Comments ()


James Toback, Oscar-nominated writer of Bugsy and writer and director of such films as Black and White and Two Girls and a Guy, is presently promoting his new film Seduced and Abandoned, an insider’s look at the loss of passion in the entertainment industry. He’s selected a single individual to represent that concept in his promotional interviews. That individual is Robert Downey, Jr.

From Indiewire:
I mean, look at the career of [Robert] Downey [Jr.], I invented him. I used him in “The Pick-Up Artist” and “Two Girls and a Guy” — which remains by far his best performance — and then “Black and White,” which are all serious dramas. However much acclaim he got for that and the performances he gave, he became a billionaire when he suddenly became a cartoon. He’s now the most successful cartoon in history, and it’s a kind of metaphor for what happened. This guy who’s done some great work, hasn’t made anyone or himself much money, but he made everyone else a bunch of money when he turned himself into a cartoon.

From The Interrobang:

“I hate to say something like this, but my hatred is not strong enough to stop me from saying it. I discovered and invented him. He was a reject when I met him. A junkie reject. And I found something appealing in him - kind of cute and unassuming and devious and perverse. And I gave him the lead in “The Pick-up Artist” which was a huge film. He had had a bit part in “Back To School” and a bit part in “Tuff Turf” …but basically, Robert Downey was going nowhere fast.”

Toback liked Downey’s performance in “The Pick Up Artist” and had even higher praise for the work Downey Jr. did throughout the 90′s, using words like “spectacular”, “inventive”, and “great” when describing his roles in “Black and White”, “Natural Born Killers” and “Two Guys and a Girl” (which he called his best performance). But then, he says, an interesting thing has happened. According to Toback:

“He was bought - and I say that for avoidance of lawsuit purposes, figuratively, into a different world - where his wife and Joel Silver and Warner Bros. took him away from what admittedly was a life of ongoing drug addiction into a life of robotic cartoon performance. In which, he has been…I don’t want to say “amazingly successful”. I would say “uniquely successful”. Because he is the number one billion dollar face of robotic cartoon franchise success. You almost couldn’t invent a more perfect marriage of cartoon franchise projection into the consciousness of the world and Robert Downey Jr. That’s been the marriage - the big economic marriage of the last, probably, decade in movie history, if not all of movie history. And he’s reinvented salaries for actors - getting $50 million.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, he then questions the man’s sobriety:

What medication would he, I would assume, be on, at this point? I have no idea. But it’s difficult for me to believe that he went from non-stop drug addiction for 20-odd years to no drug taking. I think whatever version of what it used to be - Lithium or whatever, flattening people out, getting them off in a way…something’s going on there. And the look in the eyes…something’s going on there.

But look, it’s Achilles’ mother’s choice. You want a short glorious life or do you want a long, kind of happy, flat, successful life? He’s rich. He’s going to be one of the richest guys in Hollywood. He’s internationally famous. He’s got a family. As long as his brain doesn’t say to him - Look what you gave up. You were a real artist. You were doing something original and great. And now, you’re doing cartoon formulai. That’s his choice and probably most people would make it.

Well, that was ROOF. Look, Toback, I get that you feel very strongly about this. However, you also made Harvard Man which wasn’t exactly the bastion of art and cinematic greatness, so maybe we cool our jets a bit.

What we have here is the larger issue of sellout versus success. It’s a very glass-half-full, glass-half-empty conversation, colored at least in part by one’s own attitude toward the performer in question and the work that person does. In the case of Downey, I feel like the man has been through a horrific journey, unimaginable to most of us, and he made it out. He rebuilt his career from the ground up, and, sure, Toback played a role in that, but when you basically go from Lindsay Lohan-level to this behemoth of success that he is presently experiencing, how can you fault that? How can you cry sellout at someone who is clearly so stoked to have this kind of success, and whose successful role, while, yes, sure, a “cartoon”, is also consistently acclaimed critically. He’s not throwing down yet another Jack Sparrow no one wants to yet another low Rotten Tomatoes score. This is a huge franchise that actually has the quality to back it up. And to call the guy’s sobriety into question? Fuck you, Toback, you overrated douche.

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  • White Cargo

    RDJ, was abused psycologicaly by his own parents who gave him pot to smoke at age 8 (eight.) He was rolling joints for his hippie father, and his friends, as a child.

    The first movie I saw starring RDJ was titled "Less Than Zero," and I was blown away by his "performance" (Some say he wasn't performing.) I loved him in his 80's movies. He owned Tropic Thunder. Great in The Soloist, Zodiac. His body of work is fantastic. I remember when he was on heroin, passing out in the wrong house, getting arrested several times. How nasty the media treated him.

    After his many arrests, he was put in a lock-down Rehab that is an extension of California State Prison at Corcoran, for about 16 months. Corcoran houses some the worst criminals in the US. He received beat downs daily, had his face slashed. He rarely discusses it. And he's made it. It's very rare for a heroin addict to stay clean. Some very amazing actors do not receive any Academy Awards. RDJ, and Johnny Depp are two that really deserve one.

  • White Cargo

    “I have a really interesting political point of view, and it’s not always something I say too loud at dinner tables here, but you can’t go from a $2,000-a-night suite at La Mirage to a penitentiary and really understand it and come out a liberal. You can’t. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone else, but it was very, very, very educational for me and has informed my proclivities and politics ever since."
    Robert Downey, Jr.

  • Eclipsian

    Not to mention that RDJ has ONLY been making the so-called "comic book movies" since 2008 - he's such a force of nature that people tend to think he's been Iron Man for a long, long time, but it's only been 5 years! Give him a break. He'll do "more interesting" edgy fare again -- the Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes franchises will allow him to pick and choose the scripts and projects he wants to do. (So he'll never have to be in another horrible James Toback movie again - yay!)

  • Eclipsian

    Thank you - Toback is an overrated douche and none of his movies are as interesting as Robert has made the characters of Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes. If you want to be completely creeped out, go to Gawker and look up "James Toback." I guarantee you you'll want to take a shower afterward. RDJ did well to put this weirdo far, far behind him. (And yes, RDJ is the ONLY redeeming factor in "The Pick-up Artist," "Black and White" and "Two Girls and a Guy.")

  • Lisbeth Solis

    If short, glorious lives are something to aspire to, then Mr. Toback's running out of time.

  • I remember Two Girls and a Guy, and it struck me as a self-indulgent mess.

  • e jerry powell

    Okay, ummm, James: The Pick-up Artist was 1987, yes, after Downey had blown through his time at SNL. You didn't work with Robert again for another 12 years, during which time he EARNED AN OSCAR NOMINATION (which I don't think had much to do with you).

    I call bitter, jealous bitching. And it's just not attractive.

  • Lisbeth Solis

    I felt nothing but despise for RDJ until I saw him Iron Man. I did not "see" RDJ; rather I felt like I was watching a documentary on Tony Stark! The guy CAN ACT. I'm glad the guy survived, and I hope he gets to do many good movies.

  • Wigamer

    Whatever. I want to know who created Heather Graham. That person needs a talking-to.

  • Ben

    I always thought Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was the movie that got him back to being a star?

  • Kate

    Toback's a dick, no question, but there is *some* truth in amongst that bitter rant.

    RDJ's been coasting since Iron Man, and he has turned himself into a cartoon character. He's basically just playing Tony Stark 24/7 these days, which is quite weird, let's be honest. People give Johnny Depp shit, but he doesn't go around doing Captain Jack impressions whenever there's a camera about. And considering the way RDJ regularly proclaims his acting genius, bitches about not having an Oscar and so on, I think it's fair people point out his filmography the past few years isn't exactly diverse. If he's going to complain about the fact he hasn't won an Oscar, he might want to do some Oscar-worthy work. I love the Iron Man movies, but RDJ could do them in his sleep. He has two films that aren't franchises coming out next year, but one's directed by the guy who directed Fred Claus and The Change-Up, and the other I'll totally see for the cast, but the synopsis is typical movie of the week schmaltz. He's setting the bar real low these days, and unlike when he was making crap in the 90's, we know he's getting great offers left and right these days. It's not like he's not getting a look at the best scripts going. These days he's actively choosing to make mediocre films and letting better stuff pass by.

    Plus, I love the man, but boy does he talk shit about people. This Toback interview is the kind of thing RDJ used to pull all the time, so he doesn't really have a leg to stand on. I honestly am a fan, but I also recognize RDJ get's a pass for so, so much stuff.

  • Eclipsian

    I seriously disagree that he's been "coasting" since Iron Man and playing Tony Stark 24/7. That's just for PR while he's "selling the soap" (i.e. promoting the movies). I have to say, too, that I've never heard him "talk shit" about anyone -- he has NEVER dished on anyone the way Toback is doing here. RDJ is one of Hollywood's true class acts. He has only been riding the Iron Man wave since 2008 - that is only FIVE YEARS. He has his own production company and they are looking at a huge range of scripts and projects - Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes are giving him the opportunity to pick and choose what he wants to do, and he will be picking some very interesting projects in the future.

    And, frankly, anyone who disses the roles of Tony Stark and Sherlock Holmes and calls them roles one could do in one's sleep has not really watched those movies with a critical eye. Both roles are layered and nuanced, complex characters that come to life because RDJ is such a layered, nuanced and genius actor. His "On the Waterfront" or "Godfather" will come. But for now, I and millions of others will enjoy his so-called "comic book" roles, too -- they helped make him one of today's most respected actors.

  • LoneS

    As someone who has read a lot of RDJ interviews dating back to the 90s stuff, he has never talked huge shit about anyone, definitely not in this way. The closest he came was he called Hugh Grant a dick and how he didn't really care to hang out with him, but it was a brief one. But this-- this is a huge, unprovoked rant that sounds like it came from a spurned lover or something.

    I disagree with the 24/7 Stark persona that you glean from his public appearances. He puts it up when he's promoting Marvel, but he largely drops it when he's not. It just so happens that his last few films have been Marvel films so ...

    I also disagree with him bitching about Oscars. He was asked about his future chances of winning at that GQ interview. He frankly replied that he'll get one someday, because he's good (he knows it) and especially because he's part of the Hollywood furniture (they like to reward their own). He replied in such a way that was cocky, yes, and because of that it got a lot of attention from the rest of the media. But that was it -- he wasn't actually bitching about not having one or that he deserves one; he essentially said "I'll definitely get an Oscar someday because I've been here long enough and will be around for a while, and I'm good at what I do."

    I do agree that RDJ's non-franchise choices have left much to be desired. The most recent of which was him pulling out of Gravity, though that seems to be a mutual decision by both parties. I'm excited about The Judge in that it's a non-blockbuster role but ... I think it's a Lifetime sort of film at best. David Dobkin has a very sketchy filmography, especially for the sort of film The Judge wants to be. It's such a shame, really, that that's the film he (and his company) has decided to produce. I feel like there must be far better scripts and concepts out there.

  • Mz Black Widow

    "It's not like he's not getting a look at the best scripts going. These
    days he's actively choosing to make mediocre films and letting better
    stuff pass by."

    Seriously? Iron Man is mediocre? Then why is it hailed as an excellent "movie" (not comic book movie or cartoon movie) but just "movie"? I know that is true because I have never been interested in comics/superheros in my life. I have tried to watch a few but .. meh. Then Iron Man, and what a revelation. A real "official" GREAT movie whose lead character happens to fly.

    As for RDJ talking about others, perhaps you would find that "used to" would be the important phrase there, if he ever did at all. Junkies are not known for their thoughtful reflections before speaking. He is the first to put shit on himself from those days, self awareness certainly not lacking in him ...

  • cgthegeek

    Sidenote: I wish someone would tell me how to get rid of this ginormous ad that covers up the comment box http://prntscr.com/20mvsf

  • foolsage

    Ergh, that's wretched. Did you try mousing over the upper right corner? It looks like a popup that just didn't resize properly after mouseover.

  • cgthegeek

    I've clicked everywhere, it just opens the ad. I'm guess it's an extension I have installed, but I've disabled them all and it only happens on this site. Grrr.

  • foolsage

    It looks like a mousover popup, not one you click on. I've had those get stuck in the "on" position before. Annoying as hell. Hope it goes away soon!

  • cgthegeek

    Figured out it was a vimeo extension. Gah! How annoying!

  • BlackRabbit

    So..RDJ is a robot? I'm confused. He's the evil/good/talented robot counterpart of Tom Cruise?

  • I have absolutely no doubt this guy is an absolute asshole who's far too convinced of his own "brilliance" and who is trying to attribute others' success to himself as a weird stab at relevance and influence.

    And that's exactly why I would love to meet him. I'm sure I wouldn't like him much, but the layers of delusion and narcissism and god knows what else make him so morbidly fascinating to me. Between this and that Gawker article, he seems like a wealth of stupid, half-formed, self-aggrandizing thoughts.

  • Mz Black Widow

    I am literally shaking, I am so angry at this FUCKWIT. I don't need to start listing the facts about RDJ, as opposed to this delusional douche's version. Most everyone knows the story and it is one I have nothing but the highest admiration and respect for.

    If RDJ was less strong and less supremely talented, intelligent and funny - he would no doubt still be back in that "wonderful" life with this person; doing ---
    "Look what you gave up. You were a real artist. You were doing something original and great. " I presume that translates as killing yourself with drugs and alcohol while making a few movies and gaining the reputation as THE Hollywood junkie joke.

    ARGGGHHH. I don't react this strongly to things said about celebs normally. RDJ is a special case. From EVERYTHING I have read, heard and seen he is good person, a genuinely nice guy who will do anything for friends, family and fans. He is a supremely gifted actor with an IQ in the stratosphere whose brilliant adlibs make more of the famous quotes in his films than the script (not always, but often). He is charming and witty and happily married and sober !!

    He is a person to be greatly admired, in all ways. and this fucktard whose name I have forgotten already needs to crawl back under his rock and fix on someone or something else to use to get attention and boost his "career".

    *sneaks out the back door after ranting for wayyy too long - sorry :)

  • A Bounced Czech

    I think there's a big difference between "selling out" and "cashing in." Didn't RDJ take points on the back-end of Iron Man, which no one knew it would be as commercial a success as it was? And didn't he also fight to get his other Avenger co-stars more money? Besides the fact that the role of Tony Stark wouldn't even exist without him...just wouldn't be the same, and probably wouldn't be as successful a movie.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Mr. Julien has been to the gates of Oz a couple of times in terms of breaking through in the film industry and, let me tell you, he would love a chance to sell out. I, his adoring helpmeet, would follow close behind him with a flaming cattle prod, to ensure he understands that I support his efforts to do so.

  • That is so goddam romantic. (sniff, gulp)

  • John G.

    The Internet sure has improved our ability to learn more regularly what people really think about each other in show business. Somewhat unsurprisingly, they're all egomaniacal gasbags full of self-importance and bitterness.

  • Sorry, dude, but three little words did you in: I INVENTED HIM.
    It doesn't matter if the rest of your speech is an orgasm-inducing fit of eloquence that jerks heartstrings like a puppy crying to Sarah McLachlan. It doesn't even matter if it's THE TRUTH (which, in this case, it's not - nice try). Once you anoint yourself PuppetMaster, everything after that is douchespit.

  • Tinkerville

    Aside from the douchey things he said about RDJ, bringing his wife into it is a ridiculously shitty move. Leave his family out of whatever personal vendettas you have against the man.

  • the sandwich

    To be a "little" fair, isn't RDJ's wife a Hollywood producer and seen as kind of steering RDJ down the $$$ lined path once the lane opened up?

    Toback still sounds like a douche though.

  • Tinkerville

    True, but he could have easily said the same thing about his money without specifying his wife. I just feel family should always be off limits. Plus she's widely credited in Hollywood as being the person who saved his life, so it seems like an especially low blow because of that.

  • Kate at June

    Right? The whole rant came off as 'well, he was so much better when he was on drugs and dying. Damn the people who helped him save his life and stay clean, THE ART isn't as good anymore!!'

  • John W

    If someone was trying to audition for a directorial job at Marvel/Disney, this is the opposite way to do that.

  • All this talk of sellouts reminds me of an interview I saw once with James Hetfield. He was sitting there chatting with the interviewer(one of those disposable MTV/VH1 'VJ' assclowns) and the guy asked if he felt that Metallica had 'sold out' since the beginning of their career. Hetfield eyeballs the kid some and says 'Yeah, we're sold out. We're sold out of every concert. In every arena. Every time.'

  • Corvus

    Some of us have known since 1985.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I regard this the way I do Katharine Hepburn's criticisms of Meryl Streep's acting: sour grapes.

  • Wigamer

    Oh, I have to go and discover whatever there is to know about this.

  • Anthony Hoffman

    That Seduced and Abandoned doc/whatevs was on yesterday. Never have two people deserved each other as much as Alec Baldwin and this Hollywood shitbag. So pleased with themselves and all these "truths" they're exposing while sippin' chardonnay. Two turds in a pod.

  • Buellie413

    He's an ass. And Two Girls and a Guy is unwatchable.

  • Eclipsian

    You're right - it is a horrible movie. RDJ was the best part of it, as he also was in the other two Toback movies he did. But yeah, "Two Girls and a Guy" - aaacck, bleah.

  • Modiano

    I haven't seen it for years, but I thought RDJ was absolutely incredible in it. Its not so much that the film itself is a triumph, but I always considered his performance very very watchable.

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    Thank you god, someone else agrees with me on this. That is the most pretentious, self-indulgent mess ever.

  • Stephen Nein


    'nuff said . .

  • That was pretty much my first thought, too.

  • BWeaves

    I keep reading that "Two Girls and A Cup."

  • I keep reading it as Two Guys and a Girl (sans Pizza Place).

  • A Bounced Czech

    Nathan Fillion

  • Loz

    To play devils' advocate. Toback is stirring press and clearly a full of himself blowhard and the stuff about Downey's drug problem is offensive., but at the same time. only 1 out the last 5 movies RDJ has made is not a franchise picture and that was Due Date, which was still a big dumb, studio movie. Not to mention he's started doing HTC adverts as well. You can like RDJ, I do, but I don't think logically you can call him anything but a sellout. He doesn't take interesting roles any more, he takes the highest paying ones, whatever they might be. Even if they're this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...

  • Jifaner

    That presumes that Tony Stark isn't an interesting role. I, and a lot of other people, think that it is. Popularity doesn't always equal crap.

  • Loz

    Not always, but it did with Iron Man 2. JKS. Yeah I agree with you, but then again, you could argue Jack Sparrow is an interesting role. Oscar nominated and a performance everyone agreed was amazing when it first came out, yet Johnny Depp now takes crap for going back to that role in inferior sequels. Whereas I wouldn't say Pirates 2/3/4 are appreciably worse than the aforementioned Iron Man 2 or Sherlock Holmes 2. I think RDJ is doing the same thing as Depp, only one is getting criticized and one isn't. People cutting him slack because they like him IMO. Which is fine I suppose.But calling him a sellout is not an outrageous accusation to me.

  • White Cargo

    I think it boils down to RDJ being a conservative Republican. He wasn't some rich kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth, either. I sucpect Toback, falls into the Hollyweird progressive movement. Johnny Depp, has too. I like both actors and I am a big fan of both. Hollywood is all about Politics. The Hollywood left has hijacked television, movies, and the Internet.

  • Eclipsian

    RDJ is definitely not a "conservative Republican" -- he's independent, as far as anyone knows. He doesn't make a big deal out of it, so really, no one knows. He's attended Obama fund-raisers. He said, in ONE interview, basically, that you can't come out of prison and still be liberal, but that was some years ago, and that does not equate to "conservative Republican."

  • Catiline

    RDJ has participated in fundraisers for Barack Obama; he's been critical of liberals, but I also don't think he's the conservative many would like to paint him as.

  • White Cargo

    RDJ is a Hollywood conservative. Who overcame some really terrible obstacles in his life. His parents were old hippies, and he started smoking weed at the ripe old age of eight. was in a prison lockdown rehab at Corcoran State Penitentiary, where he was beaten, and had his face slashed. He can also carry any lousy movie script thrown his way, and with his performance alone, make it watchable. He is not a Hollywood Progressive Lefty. Like Clooney. Many Hollywood conservatives show up for political fundraisers.Perhaps because they have friends who are on the socialistic band wagon. They still get along. Same with regular folks. I get along very well with left wing friends. Not going to cut people out of my life because of their political views.

  • White Cargo

    Jon Voight is

  • Jifaner

    I loved the first Pirates. I loved Johnny Depp in it. I enjoy the character in general, but the later movies are BAD. I wouldn't mind him going back to it over and over if the movies were decent.

  • Loz

    See to me Iron Man 2 and maybe sherlock 2 are at least as bad as the pirates sequels. But I guess that's why they call them opinionz.

  • A Bounced Czech

    That's BS...what about all the independent films he pops up in, just for a small role or a cameo. And lots of actors, Oscar winning serious actors, do adverts now. I gave him more props when he used to do the voice of Mr. Peanut for the Planters commercials.


  • Loz

    Last independent movie he was in was Charlie Bartlett in 2007. Or I guess you could count the Soloist, if you so chose. But i wouldn't. Since Iron Man he's gone fuck this imma get paid. which is fine. But to me its a little bit of a shame, because he's a great actor and I'd like to see him balance the big roles with smaller and more interesting ones, which he isn't doing right now

  • Less Lee Moore

    At any point did RDJ say or imply that he didn't want to be in a popular franchise and make a shit ton of money because it would go against his beliefs? Because I'm not really understanding how he's a sellout. Lots of actors do commercials or voice overs; it doesn't mean they believe in the product. They're actors.

  • Loz

    TBH, I think its pretty gross when multi-million dollar earning actors do commercials. But I accept that's a personal opinion.

  • Bananadrama

    I would totally do it. "Here, have six million dollars to talk about my products."

    As long as it wasn't an evil product, like instant Gremlins.

  • LoneS

    Companies want famous actors to do their commercials. It's part of marketing ...

  • Jifaner

    Companies want the big names for the voice recognition. The familiarity gives them an in with the consumer.

  • AngelenoEwok

    Is that Jon Polito on the left in that HTC ad? I may be even more miffed about Jon Polito selling out than RDJ!

  • Loz

    Ha, yeah it is. I have more sympathy in his case, because he's not getting 10 million dollar checks from Marvel and a man's got to work.

  • A Bounced Czech

    I think it was more like $40 million, because he took points on the back-end from Iron Man 1, 2, 3, and The Avengers

  • AngelenoEwok

    Yes, I was being tongue in cheek about being miffed :-).

  • Loz

    Oops. In my defence, its not totally implausible you were a sincere Jon Polito fan.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    I hated that movie. My friend made me watch it and every since then I never let her pick movies. Her movie picks for that horrible night... Two Girls and a Guy and Bulworth. The only thing that could have possibly made it worse is if she had also picked Bicentennial Man. Good grief, it is making me angry to even think about it!

  • Ray W.

    I didn't read the entire rant. Dude has issues and needs to get off the jealous train.

  • mrsachmo

    what a dick

  • Tammy

    Yeah, let's just totally discount his great performances in flicks like ZODIAC or WONDER BOYS or KISS KISS BANG BANG or, I would argue TROPIC THUNDER (comedy takes chops, son; that level of satire takes COMMITMENT). He'd clearly be nothing without you (except for, you know, that Oscar nomination he got a good 7 years before Two Girls and a Guy).


  • Sarah Weissman

    Tropic Thunder is when I really started to like him. Brilliant performance.

  • foolsage

    Exactly. To paraphrase "The Avengers":

    Take away his selling out, and what's left of RDJ?

    He's a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, motherfucker.

  • emmelemm

    I'm going to find a way to say, "Pump your brakes, kid" to someone today. I vow this to be true.

  • Exactly. I'd say Less Than Zero, which came out the same year as The Pick-up Artist, had WAY more to do with the "making" of RDJ.

  • Three_nineteen

    The most interesting thing I read in those excerpts is that Toback considers The Pick Up Artist a "serious drama".

  • God Of Bal-Sagoth

    Or that he calls it a "huge film".

    That made $13 million. Let's not get ahead of ourselves there, Jimmy.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    Yes, so really, Bret Easton Ellis made RDJ. So I guess the real question is, between Ellis and Toback, which is the lesser of the two douches?


    There are no winners.

  • But I'd watch a Douche-Off if, you know, Comedy Central wants to switch it up with these lame roasts.

  • emmelemm

    We're all losers in the douche-off.

  • Jifaner

    Holy crap dude. I did really like Two Girls and a Guy, but perhaps the role he won an Oscar for was his best? Ya think?

  • Classic

    Nominated for Chaplin (which this ass Director had no part in it) Less than Zero (also not him), Singing Detective (also not him). What sour ass grapes I hear.

  • Jifaner

    I guess I just really thought he deserved it for Chaplin since in my mind he'd won haha. Yes, sour grapes indeed.

  • Samantha Klein

    RDJ has not won an Oscar, sadly.

  • Jifaner

    Hmm I thought he did for Chaplin? Just the nom?

  • e jerry powell

    Yup, that was very much Pacino's year.

  • foolsage

    Wow. While I can understand that a director should get some credit for the performances brought out of the actors in a given film, that doesn't mean that an actor's entire success in life is due to that director. Close friends or mentors can shape a person in many ways, but even then, they can't claim that they "invented" the other person; they merely influenced that person.

    No, you didn't "invent" Robert Downey Jr, you insufferable jerk. You gave him an opportunity and (perhaps) some guidance. Then he went on to great success on his own. You can be a pretentious ass about it (oh, wait, too late) but you can't claim to have guided him in anything beyond his endeavors with you.

    Stop trying to claim credit for another person's LIFE, you ridiculous git.

  • Mythra Sun

    I'll just leave this here


  • profession: none, or starlet

    Ay yi yi, that conversation reads as textbook predator. Boundary testing, slow escalation, "I won't hurt you, I promise"... Gavin DeBecker would have a field day.

  • Tammy

    Welp, hope my hubs didn't plan on having sex later, because I'm now celibate. grossgrossgross.

  • foolsage

    Wow. I followed that one to another, and another. This guy is a creep.

  • Jifaner


  • Professor Sara

    Whoa, whoa, whoa there, Regina George.

  • John G.

    Regina George keeps popping up in here. Is she the new Pajiba mascot?

  • Professor Sara

    If not, she should be. She should be mascot/life coach/spirit animal for all things, everywhere.

  • John G.

    I vote "yes"

  • Pinky McLadybits

    It reads like an abuser trying to tell the world that they made their ex the successful person they are today. It's creepy as shit and makes Toback look like a rotten cockbag tea-bagging orphans. Not that I've ever seen that.

  • jeannebean

    Ike Turner couldn't shut up about how he invented Tina. She's still laughing about that, when she has a minute to spare him a thought.

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