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November 26, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | November 26, 2008 |

As you’ll recall, the Monday after I Am Legend had an eleventy billion dollar opening, Warner Brothers announced that there’d be another installment of the series. They wisely chose to do a prequel, and why not? Despite the unholy awful ending of I Am Legend, it really was a great movie up until the end, and Will Smith’s character was one of his best — he was kind of perfect the role, in fact: An action hero with some built in empathy and an actual ability to act. I honestly wouldn’t have minded spending another two hours with Robert Neville and a vampire dystopia. The idea was that they’d push back the timeline on I Am Legend several years prior to the events of the movie, back to a point where there were still a few survivors that Will Smith could save. The catch? We all knew what their and his ultimate fate would be, so a pall of sadness would probably follow the viewer throughout the film. Studios don’t like that.

So, after some convincing, apparently Warner Brothers has talked Will Smith into doing a sequel (so says the movie site which we will not name, via Cinematical). People that have seen I Am Legend, of course, know the problem inherent with a sequel (*whisper* the lead is dead *end whisper*). So how do they work around it? I can’t think of one legitimate possible way to do it. Not a single one, unless he wakes up in Bob Newhart’s bed and says it was all a bad dream.

Although, then again, the premise sequel may also be the much talked about Seven Pounds spoiler. Just re-watch the Seven Pounds trailer and tell me there isn’t some crossover potential.

Jumpin Jehosophats! / Dustin Rowles

Industry | November 26, 2008 |

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