Hulu Picks Up RuPaul Dramedy Because Duh, It's About RuPaul

By Tori Preston | Industry | August 9, 2017 | Comments ()

By Tori Preston | Industry | August 9, 2017 |


J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, which you may recognize from the credits of shows like Person of Interest, Fringe, and of course Lost (as well as, you know, the new Star Trek movies), has been working on another doozy of a concept: RuPaul’s rise from club kid to gay icon and superstar. The fictionalized half-hour dramedy, tentatively called Queen, is set in Reagan-era 1980s New York City and is being written by Gary Lennon (Power).

And Hulu just picked it up! Because they’re not fools. J.J. Abrams + RuPaul seems like a sure thing. Or at the very least, I feel like the Abrams lens flair won’t be out of place in the wonderful world of Ru. The only thing I want to know is, what will the big twist be. It takes place in an alternate reality? It’s all a dream? Is RuPaul really the Cloverfield monster?

The thing is, the real story sounds like it’s outlandish enough to work on its own. RuPaul was raised in San Diego, then moved to Atlanta to study performing arts, and eventually wound up in the nightclub scene in NYC. Also, it’s RuPaul. Can you imagine how that all went down?

In addition to Bad Robot and RuPaul, World of Wonder (the company behind RuPaul’s Drag Race) will also be producing the new series. I’m definitely looking forward to the casting announcements. And to Hulu, all I can say is: Don’t fuck it up.


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