How to Watch Season Six of 'Community'

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How to Watch Season Six of 'Community'

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | July 1, 2014 | Comments ()


Yesterday, we learned the greatest news since the discovery of alcohol, as only minutes before the expiration of all the contracts and legal junk that makes our eyes gloss over, we learned that Community would get a sixth season. There was elation, joy, dancing in the streets (all of which are metaphors for being silently happy while reading the Internet) among the deserving people of this world. And there were some of you who rolled your eyes and thought “damnit, I thought we were finally done hearing about this stupid show.”

It’s okay to admit that. It’ll make identifying you for derision easier.

Then the questions began to arise: what the hell is Yahoo doing buying it? Does Yahoo still exist? Oh yeah, their CEO fell asleep last week and missed a special dinner where she was supposed to meet advertisers. My god, Dean Pelton is running Yahoo? But seriously, where the fuck am I supposed to go to watch this?

The answer is Yahoo Screen, which is not just a screen door that repels idiots, but is in fact the name of Yahoo’s streaming video service. Didn’t know they had one? Yeah, no one did. In fact, Yahoo announced a couple of months ago that they were starting to make original content for it (announcing a couple of several episode “seasons”), but no one paid them any more attention than when they took out ads saying “no seriously guys, we still have a search engine”. Once Bing is taking your lunch money, you know that you’ve got no playground credibility left.

Here’s the link to Yahoo Screen:Link a diddle do. It appears to be all free, and there’s been no announcement of any type of for-pay service being added for Community, although the stated plans are that this is the first step in trying to compete with Hulu and Netflix.

But take a look at that site. It’s kind of a crappier version of YouTube, which says something because YouTube is already the septic tank of the Internet. But that’s where Community will be in a few months.

Guys, I know we were all rooting for Netflix to save Community, but there’s something absolutely fitting about the show being aired on the Internet’s version of late night public access.

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