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How To Squander Your Rachel Weisz Opportunities: Which Of These Movie Posters Works For You?

By TK | Trade News | July 6, 2011 | Comments ()

This? This is an utter waste of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. Still, it's not a bad poster, just wasteful.

Another Very Serious Movie, again featuring Rachel Weisz. I was planning to see this at IFFB, except that I got drunk by accident. It's an interesting premise, though. Kind of a bland poster, and it tells absolutely nothing about the movie, and I don't mean that in a good way. For all I know, it's a thriller about marching band tryouts. Do they have whistles in marching band? Oh, fuck you.

I love this poster, and not just because I adore Juno Temple. It's sort of Warhol-esque, it's a lovely homage, and it's just... interesting.

Eh. Men with guns. Not too exciting, and that tag line is atrocious. Plus, isn't Clive Owen the bad guy? Shouldn't they at least be pointing their guns at each other? Also, the lack of Yvonne Strahovski = massive fail.

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