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By TK | Industry | February 19, 2010 | Comments ()

By TK | Industry | February 19, 2010 |


Who's ready to play Hollywood word jumble again?!

File this under: I have absolutely no idea how this will end. Thai director Prachya Pinkaew, who directed the massively entertaining Ong-bak, as well as the completely insane Chocolate (which I keep meaning to review), has signed on with Millennium Films to make his first English-language film, Elephant White. Details are less than scant -- all I could dig up on the plot is that it's about a mercenary and his old friend who can't be trusted.

Then again, if you've seen Ong-bak, you know that story isn't really that important. What's interesting about this story in general is that Pinkaew is being given the opportunity. His films are certainly exciting, and he sure as hell knows how to direct an action sequence, but still... So far, only two people have been cast, and depending on where your allegiances lie, you'll either think that they're relative heavyweights, or complete wastes of space. The merc will be played by Djimon Hounsou, and his friend will be played by... Kevin fucking Bacon.

Bacon is always fun to watch, regardless of what he's doing (even if it's Hollow Man). Hounsou... I dunno, man. I've said it before -- I don't know if he needs to fire his agent or what, but he's been in a ton of movies, and about 10% of them are good. The last movie I saw him in was Never Back Down, and after seeing it I punched myself in the face as punishment for robbing myself of those 90 minutes. And for all the Amistads, Deep Risings, and Blood Diamonds he's made, Eragon was just inex-fucking-cusable. Anyway, my point is, he makes a lot of shitty choices, and there's no guarantee that this won't be another one.

But hey, at least it'll have The Bacon.

(h/t: Dark Horizons)

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