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September 27, 2007 |

By Daniel Carlson | Industry | September 27, 2007 |

I’m a comic book geek, but only to a certain extent, which means I’ve never read or been remotely interested in the adventures of the Justice League. If you ask me, having Superman partner with anybody seems demeaning to the partner, unfair to the villain, and kinda pointless for the Man of Steel. I mean, he can fly, he’s impervious to blades or bullets, his eyes emanate heat waves, he can freeze things with his breath, and if he feels like it he can reverse the flow of time. Just for the hell of it. Does he really need Hawkman hanging around? Anyway. The point is that Warner Bros., horny as all get out for your hard-earned dollar and determined to get it with superhero movies, is fast-tracking their adaptation of DC Comics’ Justice League with a possible 2009 tentpole release scheduled. A few days ago, George Miller — whose resume improbably includes both the Mad Max series and Babe: Pig in the City — was signed to direct the movie, and Jessica Biel is now in talks to fill out the red spandex Wonder Woman sees fit to wear. The studio is a little anxious to get the project underway since guild and union deliberations could lead to a possible writers’ strike, and of course, there’s also the matter that Christian Bale and Brandon Routh don’t appear likely to reprise their roles as Batman and Superman, respectively, for Miller’s film. However, Warners apparently digs the script for Justice League, from Kieran Mulroney and Michele Mulroney, so much that it’s putting the next Superman flick off until Justice League is done. Personally, I think Warners should thank their blessed stars they’ve got Christopher Nolan directing Bale in their new Batman series, which will likely rank as the greatest superhero movies of all time, and just move on.

Shifting gears dramatically: Martin Scorsese has signed on to direct an as-yet-untitled documentary about George Harrison. The documentary is currently being tagged for theatrical release, which is a bit of a change, considering Scorsese’s Bob Dylan biopic, No Direction Home, was created for PBS. Also, while No Direction Home only covered early Dylan through the 1960s, the Harrison film will likely cover his career with the Beatles as well as his solo work, including his work as founder of Handmade Films, the company behind Monty Python’s Life of Brian and Time Bandits. (For some reason, I find that really unnerving.) But if this sounds like something you want to see, get ready to wait. Interviews and production won’t even start until later this year, and the film is expected to take several years to finish. So, Hare Hare, Krishna Krishna, it ain’t gonna happen for a while.

Finally, this morning’s trailer watch features the new preview for Run, Fatboy, Run, starring the decidedly unfat Simon Pegg as a man determined to win back his old fiancĂ©e by running a marathon. It’s directed by David Schwimmer and promises to be a thoroughly modest romantic comedy, completely at ease with the conventions of the genre. The new trailer isn’t quite as good as the old teaser, but Pegg is still mugging affably to the strains of the Fratellis even while staring down Hank Azaria’s junk (true story), and that’s all you can ask for:

Daniel Carlson is the managing editor of Pajiba and a low-level employee at a Hollywood industry magazine. You can visit his blog, Slowly Going Bald.

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Industry | September 27, 2007 |

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