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By TK | Industry | September 23, 2009 | Comments ()

By TK | Industry | September 23, 2009 |


On the one hand, the Highlander franchise is one that could actually benefit from a remake/reboot/re-whatthefuckever. The entire series has always been long on concept, and terribly, ineptly short on execution. Even the first film, loved and revered by many (myself included) is, when you really look at it, not a very good movie. Basically, every scene that doesn't have Clancy Brown in it suffers from, well, a lack of Clancy Brown. Christopher Lambert's pathetic acting is not exactly aided by his impenetrable accent, and Sean Connery is just plain goofy. And the sequels? Oy. Don't get me started on Highlander: The Shittening. Yes, yes, the television show was far superior, but that's not saying a hell of a lot now, is it? Ooh, it's better than Highlander: The Sorcerer, which co-starred Mario Van Peebles? That's quite a fucking accomplishment.

On the other hand, the remake, which was suddenly and surprisingly announced today by Summit Pictures, is going to be directed by Justin Lin. Lin directed the very impressive high school crime drama Better Luck Tomorrow, which might be somewhat promising if not for the fact that he also directed two entries in the Fast and Furious travesty of a franchise, as well as the really, really bad Annapolis.

What does this all mean? It means that, most likely, we will continue to see shitty Highlander movies, only this time with better effects.

I'll tell you this much: if they don't use any Queen songs, I will burn down the universe.

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