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October 8, 2008 |

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | October 8, 2008 |

Fans of NBC’s Monday night block of hero dramas have reason to be concerned, after ratings plummeted to series’ lows this week. “Chuck” fell 15 percent from its low-rated season premiere, and “Heroes” dropped 11 percent, and is now in a tie with the perpetually ratings-challenged “How I Met Your Mother.” It was “Heroes” third week of decline in a row, and considering that it’s ratings are even lower than last year’s awful half-season, who knows how much longer NBC will hang on to the show. Oh, wait: It’s NBC. It has nothing else.

Actually, I’ll tell you what the problem is, and it’s a concern Seth shared with me a few weeks ago when I asked him if I should even bother watching the season debut. It’s those damn subtitles — “Heroes” isn’t good enough a show anymore to warrant your full attention, but it’s still a show that requires it. And if you’re watching it in the background, you’re losing 20 percent of the show every time Hiro speaks in his native language. That, and the season premiere was two hours long. I never found time to devote two hours to the season premiere, and now I’ve got four hours of “Heroes” sitting on my DVR. I’m actually hoping that NBC cancels the damn show so I can let them go in peace, because until then, I suspect they’re just going to pile up until December, when the election is over and reruns are in full force.

That said, I’m more bummed about the weak performance of “Chuck” so far, because it is a show that you can watch comfortably while writing a trade news item about it (as I am right now). And goddamnit, “Chuck” is a good, fun show, and one that’s actually getting better, unlike “Heroes” which is just getting denser. And Yvonne Strahovski — good fucking Lord. It’s hard not to pay attention when she’s onscreen.

For those interested, CBS is winning Monday nights with its comedy block, which includes “How I Met Your Mother” (still great in its fourth season) and three other sitcoms that blow. “Dancing with the Stars” is holding on to the second spot for ABC, while “Boston Legal,” in yet another time slot, continues to fare well. I’m a huge fan of “Boston Legal,” and I’m sad to see it go mid-season. I might just cry if David Kelley kills off Denny Crane in the series finale, which I expect.

“Prison Break” and the probably soon-to-be-cancelled “Sarah Connor Chronicles” are sitting in the fourth place dumpster over on Fox.

"Heroes" Fading Fast

Not Fast Enough / Dustin Rowles

Industry | October 8, 2008 |

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