Here's Your Seven Dwarfs, C*cksuckers: New Images From Snow White And The Huntsman, Dredd, And The Expendables 2

By TK | Trade News | February 3, 2012 | Comments ()


Here we have a few new images from movies that I've got varying degrees of excitement for.

As far as Snow White And The Huntsman, I'm excited because Charlize Theron looks amazing, because I enjoyed Chris Hemsworth in Thor, and the seven dwarfs (Ian McShane as Beith, Johnny Harris as Quert, Bob Hoskins as Muir, Toby Jones as Coll, Eddie Marsan as Duir, Brian Gleeson (III) as Gus, Ray Winstone as Gort, and Nick Frost as Nion). Of course, the downside is that Kristen Stewart will be gasping and stammering her way through the lead as Snow White. Regardless, here's a full shot of the dwarfs in all their battle-ready glory.


While we're on the subject of ensembles, here's a new promo shot of The Exendables 2, featuring the gang both old and new. I think it's adorable how it's staged to make them all look roughly the same height, considering that Dolph Lundgren is 6'5", Stallone is probably 5'9" on a good day, Jet Li is about 5'6", and Van Damme is about the height of a pair of pants. No Chuck Norris in the pic, though, which is OK because Norris is kind of a douche.


Finally, a new shot of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd in the upcoming Dredd, a film that I'm desperately hoping will be good and once and for all banish the memory of that wretchedly awful 1995 adaptation. On the plus side, it literally cannot possible be any worse.


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