Here's What the "New Girl" Characters Looked Like Before They Lost Their Virginity

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | April 18, 2013 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Industry | April 18, 2013 |

First, the bad news: "New Girl" will not return until April 30th. At that point, there will only be three episodes remaining, and the episode titles do not necessarily seem to suggest a wedding for CeCe. The final two episodes are "Winston's Birthday Party" and "Elaine's Big Day." Elaine is a character played by Taylor Swift (sorry Courtney) in the finale.

The April 30th episode, however, is called "Virgins," and it looks like it'll be a big flashback episode about how each of the characters lost their virginity (my guess is that the flashbacks will be set in motion by the discovery that the man that CeCe is about to marry is also a virgin). And thanks to Glamour, we know have pictures of each of the "New Girl" characters before they lost their virginity. Nick looks like he's the lead singer in a cover band that exclusively covers Skynrd and Hall & Oates. "She's a Man-Eating Free Bird!"




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