Here's Forbes Annual List of Movie Stars That Suck At Their Job
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Here's Forbes Annual List of Movie Stars That Suck At Their Job

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | December 5, 2012 | Comments ()


Forbes, as they to do every year, put out their list of the Most Overpaid Actors in Hollywood, which is to say: Movie stars with the worst return on investment. For instance, the number one person on the list, Eddie Murphy (a regular member of this list, even in years like 2012 in which he had only one release) earns $1 for every $2.30 his movie makes, which must mean that he earned something like $8 million for his work on A Thousand Words (a movie with a $40 million budget that only made $18 million). Conversely, in 2010, a guy like Shia LaBeouf -- who was paid relatively little to appear in huge blockbusters like Indiana Jones and Transformers made $1 for every $81 that his movies made.

Anyway, these are 2012's Most Overpaid actors.

1. Eddie Murphy ($2.30 for every $1 paid)

2. Katherine Heigl ($3.40 for every $1 paid)

3. Reese Witherspoon ($3.90 for every $1 paid)

4. Sandra Bullock ($5 for every $1 paid)

5. Jack Black ($5.20 for every $1 paid)

6. Nicolas Cage ($6 for every $1 paid)

7. Adam Sandler ($6.30 for every $1 paid)

8. Denzel Washington ($6.30 for every $1 paid)

9. Ben Stiller ($6.50 for every $1 paid)

10. Sarah Jessica Parker ($7 for every $1 paid)


(Source: Forbes)

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  • TheOriginalMRod

    So we could avoid the fiscal cliff if we threw all of these actors over it?

  • e jerry powell

    I LOVE this list. The only thing that would make it better is CAKE!

  • googergieger

    Wow even in gif form, bitch can't act.

  • DeistBrawler

    I have no qualms with Denzel Washington being on this list.

  • Blake

    I'm surprised Tom Hanks didn't make the list for Cloud Atlas...

  • dizzylucy

    Considering Sandra ended up on it, and the only film she had out was Extremely Loud and Incredible Close, costarring Tom Hanks, AND he has another lower grossing one out there now, it is a little suspect.

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Is Tom Hanks really that expensive, though? I always figured the actors who appear in everything are the guys who actually demand less than normal pay-grade for their league.

  • Blake

    Good point. He did apparently agree to less then his usual $20 Million per movie rate to star in the flick.

  • the dude

    haha, nic cage uses this information as his business card and laughs

  • zeke_the_pig

    Indeed! Nic Cage cares not for your useless moral, narrow horizon 'dollars'! (Except to cover the cost of that pyramid tomb. And IRS bill.)

  • the dude

    yeah, the IRS is ON HIS ASS!! I said it like that because nic cage like to RANDOMLY OVEREMPHASIZE SENTENCES!! He's actually a good actor though.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Yeah dude I fucking love the guy. He's one of my favourite actors, almost purely because of how ridiculously mercurial he is; is he gonna put in a flawless performance in an amazing film (a la Adaptation) or is he gonna do a batshit-but-still-somehow-incredibly-watchable Cage in a terrible, terrible film (a la Next, and many, many others.)

  • the dude

    he's just so fun to watch act. He gives everything his all. Can you even name a nic cage movie where he gets overshadowed? Literally impossible, he even stole the show in Fast Times ;)

  • AudioSuede

    Wow. I guess America isn't quite as stupid as I thought. Movie studios, however...

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