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Here's All The TV News You Need to Know Today, Plus Some That You Really Don't

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | August 29, 2013 | Comments ()

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  • Lisa Kudrow has joined next season of “Scandal” for a recurring role, though details about her role have not been revealed.

  • I don’t know who is left that could possibly give a damn about this, but “American Idol” continues to search for a third judge on the show to join Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez, the latter of whom I thought had quit or was fired (Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, I believe, have been axed, along with Randy Jackson, who is returning in a mentor role). “American Idol” had hoped to land Dr. Luke (a big-time blockbuster music producer), but his contract won’t allow it, so they’re basically left with Harry Connick, Jr., who Fox doesn’t really want, but he’s kind of all that’s left at this point.

  • Despite the fact that there appears to be a script from a “Friday Night Lights” movie, Kyle Chandler has once again reiterated his lack of interest, saying that the series ended perfectly, and that’s the way he’d like to leave it.

  • Meanwhile, Bill Hader has expressed interest in a Stefon sitcom, but no one has offered, and no one is likely to.

  • In totally fantastic news, Paul Giamatti has signed on to a new FX pilot based on a series of Charles Willeford novels. “Hoke” is a story of mid-life crisis and murder that features the hardboiled and possibly insane homicide detective Hoke Moseley (Giamatti) in pre-chic Miami circa 1985. On the one hand, it’s another cop show (boo!), but on the other, it’s Giamatti and it’s set in the 80s, and it’s from the guy who adapted Out of Sight for film.

  • Dutch actor Michiel Huisman (“Nashville”) has joined the cast of “Game of Thrones.” Nothing is known about his role yet. Like, literally.

  • Aziz Ansari is bypassing Comedy Central and HBO and taking his next stand-up special straight to Netflix, which is where most people would see it anyway.

  • Finally, I will reward you for slogging through mediocre TV news on a slow news week with this fantastic photo of Arya and The Hound from the Tampa Bay Comic Con.


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    • Kate at June

      Good for Kyle Chandler

    • e jerry powell

      Have we gotten so low that Lorne Michaels isn't trying to spin off every recurring SNL character directly to feature film anymore?

    • stella

      So I totally misread Keith Urbban as Karl Urban and was confused. Weirdly enough I made the same mistake when Dredd came out and that was even stranger.

    • DominaNefret

      I have seen way too much American Idol, since my mom loves it, and it really makes her happy when I watch with her. Harry Connick Jr. is by far the best mentor they have on the show, and while he may not be as "entertaining" or sensational as other choices, he would give better critiques than anyone else and actually give legitimate advice to the kids on the show.


      Uh, isn't FNL based on a movie in the first place? That would be kind of like how The Producers was a movie that they turned into a Broadway musical which they then proceeded to make a movie out of. Or Hairspray was a movie that they made a Broadway musical out of then proceeded to make a movie out of. Or ABBA was a band who wrote a bunch of songs that they turned into a Broadway play which they proceeded to make a movie out of. Kind of.

    • Michelle

      Thank goodness Kyle Chandler is against the FNL movie. As much as I love that show in my heart (I still haven't seen the movie), I don't want to risk ruining it with a movie considering the series ended so strongly.

    • Kathleen Allen

      sigh...rory...he will always be big mon kenny from the book group. or kennykins if i'm sleeping.

    • Homestar

      I know! Every time I see him I can't help but think how nice and cuddly he looks.

    • Ian Fay

      As much as I love Stefon, it'd never work as a series.

      As I understand it works for two reasons:

      1) Seth Myers' interplay with Hader
      2) The fact that Hader has literally no idea what he's reading since the writers don't let him see it until it airs.

      Also, I doubt anyone could watch 22 minutes of that.

    • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

      Challenge accepted.

    • Ian Fay

      Better you than me, I guess.

    • Fredo

      Dutch actor Michiel Huisman (“Nashville”) has joined the cast of “Game of Thrones.” Nothing is known about his role yet. Like, literally.

      He was Sonny, the junkie guitarist from "Treme" also. My brother met him while he was working in New Orleans and said he was a good guy.

      Given he's a tall, lanky dude, my guess is he's either playing a wildling (Magnar of Thenn?) or if not maybe he'll play one of the Kettleback brothers.

    • Cas Bloom

      He's actually not a new character, instead he's replacing the old actor for Daario Narharis.

    • manting

      the mangar of then should have already appeared, he leads the attack that climbs the wall. Marillion is a possibility. So is Crows Eye. Though he may be young.

    • Kristen Mc

      I am thinking Marillion.

    • BWeaves

      The Game of Thrones actors always seem to have so much fun with each other. Seriously good camaraderie.

    • Legally Insignificant

      Throw Podrick Payne into that photo and you'd have my ideal GOT triumvirate. GRRM better get cracking on that new book.

    • Sara_Tonin00

      IFC should just have Stefon interstitials or it should be a webseries. 5-8 minutes is just about the right amount of Stefon, I think.

    • wyndhamchomsky47wg

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      Have we gotten so low that Lorne Michaels isn't trying to spin off every recurring SNL character directly to feature film anymore?

    • Lina Beana

      Or an Adult Swim segment.

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