Here's a Look at the Full Central Cast for 'How I Met Your Dad'
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Here's a Look at the Full Central Cast for 'How I Met Your Dad,' Updated to Include the Narrator

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | April 24, 2014 | Comments ()


As How I Met Your Mother rides rides off into the sunset with a corpse in the saddle, the cast for its spin-off has completely come together now. The spin-off, as you recall, doesn’t involve any of the same characters, but it does use the same premise. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas will stay on to produce, but the spin-off will be ran by Emily Spivey. The lead, Greta Gerwig, will also pitch in as a writer on the series.

Here’s where we are with the cast, and all the principal parts have now been put into place except including future Sally, the narrator who will tell the story, the casting of which was announced last night.

Sally — Greta Gerwig. The lead.


Gavin — Anders Holms. In Dad, Sally will enter the dating world in search of the father after her divorce to Gavin, who will also make up part of the friend group (I hope this doesn’t take him away from Workaholics).


Juliet — Tiya Sircar. Juliet will play Sally’s best friend, a fashion blogger (and she looks exactly like a best friend to Greta Gerwig should look).


Frank — Nick D’Agosto — Frank is the IT guy from Juliet, and a potential love interest. So, basically, Marshall. (I’m assuming this will take him away from Masters of Sex, where his character has just about been exhausted anyway).


Danny — Andrew Santino — Danny is the older brother to Sally, an uptight lawyer. (Santino plays a horrible man on Mixology, which will almost certainly be cancelled.)


Todd — Drew Tarver. Todd will play Danny’s husband. Twist


Finally, the narrator: Meg Ryan.


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  • AudioSuede

    ......Damn it, now I'm going to have to watch this mess.

  • Sarah Weissman

    OK, Meg Ryan is a super smart choice as a former rom com lead. She's sorta perfect. Anyone know what happened with Krysta Rodriquez - did she pull out? I like her. She was actually one of the reasons I may have watched this.

  • koffery

    So..will Sally have a black lesbian sister? ._.

  • I think the future narrator should be Kathleen Turner. Also, speaking of Masters of Sex, what ever happened to that? People used to talk about it friggin' constantly and then all of a sudden it dropped off the planet.

  • It goes without saying that Kathleen Turner should narrate everything ever, unless James Earl Jones is narrating it.

  • AudioSuede

    I can't speak for everyone else, but I finished episode eight and then promptly forgot it existed, and every time I was reminded of it, I would say, "Oh, yeah, I'll have to keep watching that at some point."

  • foolsage

    The first season of Masters of Sex ran from September to December, 2013. The next season premieres this July.

  • Sarah Weissman

    I really like Krysta Rodriguez and Gerwig...but don't want to see Rodriguez have ANOTHER canceled show. It's a common curse among awesome stage actors...

  • bastich

    I'm hoping that Bob Saget comes back to voice the mother, just to freak everyone out.

  • Jiffylush

    If this show starts with a Bob Saget falsetto I will die a happy man.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    Anders Holm - this is not moving up in the world.

  • Bill Haverchuck

    I'm pretty sure he'll be pulling double duty. Workaholics is his own creation so I doubt he'd be leaving his own show for some crappy show.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I nominate Angela Bassett for the mom v.o.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    soooo...they really took to heart any comments made about living in interracial NYC, right?

  • Abby

    Well. I don't know if the character is going to be Hispanic, but it certainly appears like Krysta Rodriguez is.

    I think the overall critique holds; just being pedantic. :)

  • mairimba

    Her name on the show is Juliet so I doubt she'll play a Hispanic.

  • BWeaves

    Most of the Hispanics I work with have very 1950's Anglo names:

    Harry, Wilson, Gladys, Glen.

  • Abby

    I don't know... this is totally anecdotal, but the only Juliet I know is Hispanic, and I think that Hispanic Americans have "non-Hispanic" first names all the time. Case in point, Krysta. The most well-known Hispanic comedian and sitcom actor is named George.

    I mean, I hope that this is at least a small nod towards reflecting diversity, and I think it'd be refreshing too if this character is a minority but exists in that wide gulf between being essentially white and being a caricature. You know, where pretty much all of us actual people of color live.

  • Miss Laaw-yuhr

    Man, not even a black friend who they will give barely any lines to, crack insensitive jokes about, and then further marginalize over the course of the show.

  • Ruthie O

    A month later, it seems that the showrunner saw your comment and thought "that's a brilliant idea!" because now we have a woman of color as the token best friend. Le sigh.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I'm surprised they didn't kill multiple birds by making the gay couple black/hispanic. (or go crazy! make them black/Asian!)

    There's always Rajit. (and I just cringed inside.)

  • Classic

    This show looks dumb. I don't care about HIMYD and think it will be cancelled quickly. That said, I wish that someone was out there trying to save Almost Human and Enlisted!

  • randomhookup

    So after 20 years, Sally became ... French?

  • Jim

    Diary Entry: May 12, 2045.

    I'm cold all the time - even in direct sunlight when there is any. I know we're told that's dangerous but in my 80's living like this - do I care? Another 15min on the bike should charge the vid screen enough so I can watch "How I Met Your Third Cousin - Twice Removed."

    I long for death that will not come.

  • Sassy Pikachu

    I read this in the voice of the narrator zfrank1 on youtube, who did the true facts and the sad cat diary.

  • bastich

    I'm hoping that they spin off the series in a sci-fi direction...maybe a comedy about clones titled "How I Met Myself"?

  • BWeaves

    They already have that show. It's called Orphan Black.

  • Jim


  • Blake

    Who should be the narrator? A 45 year old-ish Greta Gerwig? Maybe Julie Delpy?

    Meryl Streep.

  • J.P.

    looks like a whole lotta whitebread to me.

  • Blake


    Can't have too many white whiteish people on TV I guess.

  • Jericho Smith

    They have a ginger! That thing ain't even human, how much more diversity do you expect?

  • Repo

    So we have a gay married couple where one is an uptight lawyer? I assume they will adopt an asian kid. If you're gonna poach from Modern Family, just fucking go all the way.

  • Bananapanda

    A ginger uptight lawyer to boot. (I gotta admit here that Mixology is growing on me but it could just be a good one season concept.)

  • mairimba

    F*ck! This is going to be like getting brunch in Williamsburg every week, isn't it?

  • mairimba

    Not touching it with a 10-foot pole.

  • Jericho Smith

    I wouldn't touch it with YOUR ten-foot pole.

  • Aaron Schulz

    10-foot clown pole

  • Enrique del Castillo

    Aren't Todd and Danny the Lilly/Marshall of the cast? And Frank being an IT guy sounds like a "nice guy" type to fit the "romantic interest for the lead" in the group of friends. Anyway, it sounds like they are half-assing it and at the same time it sounds like they are really trying to make this work. I hope we at least get a pilot.

  • I've got three words for you: Betty Fucking White

  • Does this last longer than That 80s Show did?

  • Andrew J Moore

    That '80s show introduced me to Chyler Leigh, who's mohawk I've had a minor crush on since.

  • Sean

    Oh my god, yes. She was so damn hot in that show. Which actually wasn't....awful.

  • You take that back. There are none more awful.

  • Sean

    One word, also a Fox show...DADS

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