Haven't You Always Wanted a Mel Gibson Trade News Roundup?

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Trade News | February 1, 2012 | Comments ()


Shhh ... don't answer, I know you always have.

So the esteemed Mr. Gibson has three main projects in the works, one of which is already completed, and two of which involve the casts speaking in dead languages. The first of these is Get the Gringo, an action adventure with a title geared to say "see I'm not racist just because of those things I said, because I make slurs about my own race too!"

The film has been finished for a couple of years and had to be financed by Gibson himself to be made in the first place. Now a deal has finally gone through with Fox in order to have the film broadcast first on DirecTV and then go straight to a VOD, DVD, and BluRay release. The deal is rumored to have been worth at least seven dollars, and may have involved the exchange of baseball cards. Here's the trailer:

In other GibsoNews, we've got a film based on Maccabees, which totally should be the first book of the Bible featured in the CannonBall Read. It's got the three v's that you need for every good story: violence, violence, and violence. Of course, it's Gibson so the movie is going to be filmed with only ancient dialogue.

Finally, we have the newest project, tentatively being called by trade news sites "The Mel Gibson Viking Movie." Said Mr. Gibson:

"I want a Viking to scare you. I don't want a Viking to say, "I'm going to die with a sword in my hand." I don't want to hear that. It pulls the rug out from under you. I want to see somebody who I have never seen before speaking low guttural German who scares the living shit out of me coming up to my house. What is that like? What would that have been like?"

Well, we could always ask his ex-wife.

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