Happy Groot Year! Behold the First Official Photo From "Guardians of the Galaxy"

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Happy Groot Year! Behold the First Official Photo From "Guardians of the Galaxy"

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | December 31, 2013 | Comments ()



You want to zoom in on this gorgeous bastard? Here you go.

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  • Ben

    So ridiculously pumped for this, easily the best comic Marvel have published in the past decade and the casting has been pretty fucking flawless so far. Also love seeing Gamora has bulked up and isn't super weedy thin pretty girl.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I know nothing about anything of this, but that tree looking thing is amazingly tree looking.

  • NateMan

    The Guardians of the Galaxy have become one of my favorite titles. I like the casting for this and have hopes. If they keep the space opera and sarcasm intact it could be pretty good.

  • As a fan of the Marvel movies, this one scares me. I think the movies up to this point hit the right sci-fi notes to establish the universe but still appeal to a broad audience. Unless this one really blows people away I think Marvel has their own "Green Lantern" on their hands here.

  • Tinkerville

    I never in a million years thought they'd try adapting this comic. Now that they are they seem to be doing all the right things. The casting looks spot on and Chris Pratt's perfect for it. It's seriously been ages since I've been this excited for a movie.

  • $6950553

    Looks too much like Marvel spoofing themselves. Not a wise move.

  • narfna

    I'm so excited about this movie I think I might start foaming at the mouth soon. Gosh, I hope I like it.

  • Stu Rat

    Foaming at the mouth?

    That's the rabies. You probably got too close to Rocket. Raccoons are known for it in some areas. It's going to be an unpleasant death. Sorry.

  • narfna

    But . . . I'm too young to die!

  • Stu Rat

    You can always leverage your impending death into getting to see the movie early. Perhaps with BCoop (or whoever) as your "date".

  • John W

    Step forward and read the line.

    "Hand me the keys you f*cking c*cks*cker."

  • Guest

    Cop:Number one, step forward.

    Gamora: Hand-me-the-keys, you-fvcking-cocksucker.

    Cop:Number two, step forward.


    Cop: Knock it off! Get back.

    Number 3, step forward.

    Rocket Raccoon: [laughing] Hand me the keys, you cocksucker.

    Cop: In English, please?

    Rocket Raccoon: Excuse me?

    Cop: In English.

    Rocket Raccoon: Hand me the fvcking keys, you cocksucker, what the fvck?

  • spuffy

    I'll be honest, I know nothing about Guardians of the Galaxy, but after seeing this, and reading that Bradely Cooper is voicing the raccoon, I am so in.

  • The Heretic

    Awesome photo. I'm properly geeked for this film, more so than any other due 2014

  • gnibs

    None for me, thanks.

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