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I’m not a fan of Alexandra Aja, particularly because he’s a fucking lousy director (Haute Tension, The Hills Have Eyes Remake, Mirrors, I rest my case), but in addition to a 3D remake of Piranha that I’m stoked about if only for the 3D flesh eating, he’s working on a project that sounds so very much better than what he deserves. In an interview with Sci Fi Wire (via Slashfilm), the Sci Fi Network’s website, Aja mentioned that he was working on adapting a French book called, The Gospel According to Jimmy. The premise is hilariously perfect in light of Barack Obama’s decimation of the Republican party. The story, according to Aja:

“You have to imagine, a few years from now, the Republicans want to get back in the White House, and the only thing that they find is like an old cloning project … to clone Jesus from a blood cell on the Shroud of Turin. And one subject had survived, and he’s fixing pools in L.A., named Jimmy. And they’re going to find him and ask him to come back and help them to get back to power.”

And the idea takes even better shape when Aja mentions that the perfect actor for the character of Jimmy would be Seth Rogen. Granted, I very much doubt that Rogen would deign to work with Aja, whose claim to fame is humiliating Jack Bauer with one of last year’s worst flicks. But the idea does have a certain Tom Robbins quality to it, and who doesn’t love the idea of Seth Rogen playing a pool boy/Jesus? It’s just too bad that Alexandra Aja was made from the cloned cells of a wet fart.

Jesus is my Pool Boy

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Industry | January 22, 2009 | Comments ()

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