Good News, Ginger Haters, You'll Be Seeing A Whole Lot Less Of This Guy In Season 3 Of "Homeland"

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | July 30, 2013 |


Despite unjustly* winning the Emmy last year for his portrayal of Sergeant Brody, Damian Lewis won’t be at the forefront of Season 3 of Showtime’s “Homeland.” At least not initially. In a recent panel at the TCAs (Television Critics Association), the showrunners for “Homeland” revealed that Brody’s whereabouts would remain a mystery for the first few episodes of the Season. Frankly, it’s a rather bold tack to take and heralds some of the brash storytelling that made Season 1 so enjoyable and was sorely lacking in Season 2. Even Lewis conceded the necessity to “be ruthless with story and character.”

This completely oblique teaser for Season 2 implies a few things…

1) We’ll be seeing less of this.

2) We’ll be seeing a whiole lot more of this.

3) And, fingers crossed, even more of this.

*You’re damn right. Nobody, but nobody beats Cranston.

(via Deadline)

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