Golden Globes Want Studios to Stop Advertising That Their Films Are the 'Winners' of Golden Globe Nominations
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Golden Globes Want Studios to Stop Advertising That Their Films Are the 'Winners' of Golden Globe Nominations

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | January 2, 2014 | Comments ()


It is apparently not enough that movie studios simply tout their movies as “Golden Globe nominees,” as there is a recent and bewildering trend among studios who are advertising that their films and television shows “won” nominations from the Golden Globes, which is kind of like saying John Kerry and Mitt Romney “won” the right to get their asses kicked in the presidential elections.

Anyway, according to THR, Theo Kingma — the president of the Golden Globes — stopped accepting kickbacks and bribes from the nominees long enough to ask in a letter to publicists that they stop with this foolishness.

Now that the nominations are out and we are looking forward to the excitement of the Golden Globe Awards ceremony on January 12th, I wanted to remind you of the proper scope of advertising and publicity related to Golden Globe Awards nominations and awards.

It is entirely appropriate for advertising and publicity material related to nominated films or films with nominated directors or actors to prominently display those nominations. This helps draw attention to the fine performances by the nominees and to the awards show itself.

However, we have recently seen several instances in which the word “Winner” was used too prominently in publicity and advertising to describe nominees. While earning a nomination is certainly an honor and one to be celebrated, it is not a ‘win’ and using that term or terms similar to it is likely to mislead the public and diminish the excitement around the awards show, when the winners will be revealed.

We are happy to work with you on appropriate wording for your advertising and publicity materials. And we appreciate your continued support of HFPA and the Golden Globe Awards.t

The parents of the studio publicists, of course, have shot back, arguing that every film is a winner, and that every film deserves a trophy just for participating, and that this new rule will damage the self-esteem of the films.

Source: THR

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  • I noticed this a few weeks back and I wasn't sure if this had been a trend that I just hadn't noticed before or if my queludes were finally kicking in. Alas, it was neither. I literally laughed out loud at the way they used huge font for "WINNER" with small print for "of X Golden Globe Nominations" like a drug that cures "FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS" with small print explaining that the side-effects could be blindness, night terrors, and skinning kittens.

    While this is a pretty pathetic attempt to mislead the public, nothing beats the advertising for "Grudge Match" which, without the advantage of having any actual positive reviews, has resorted to using random tweets - most likely from employees - about how "hilarious" the film is.

    As if we're at home watching TV and saying, "Hey! Honey! We've got to go see Grudge Match. It's the best movie of the year according to @skeetskeetbitch!"

  • e jerry powell

    Oh, no, it's a real thing, and it's making me grind my teeth on a daily basis.

    And by the way, if you have any of those quaaludes left, I've been feeling the need for a seventies flashback. Hook a bro up...

  • Mrs. Julien

    "This is Hollywood. We don't like liars."

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