God Help the Cinderblocks Who Pay Money to See This Movie

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | December 1, 2011 | Comments ()

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Look: Maybe you're a huge Adult Swim fan and you're all up in Tim and Eric's grill. Maybe you're the cool kid that understands what the fuck is going with these guys, but I'm just a poor hillbilly from Arkansas and the trailer for Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie doesn't make a lick of goddamn sense. And you know what? I don't want it to. I don't want to be the kind of guy who understands what the meaning behind a overweight, mustachioed man/woman hopping on a lilly pad while another man with a long-ass neck pops up like a deranged gofer. Dan summed this up perfectly on Twitter yesterday:

"Look, it will rarely be funny. Just act like it is, and people will be too scared not to go along." -- original Tim & Eric pitch meeting

I'm not too scared. Are you? Because this movie looks like a feral dog's ass crack.

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