Glee Goes 3D: No.

By Courtney Enlow | Industry | May 5, 2011 |


20th Century Fox TV and film divisions have partnered to produce GLEE LIVE! 3D!, a feature film based on the upcoming Glee Live! In Concert! North American tour.


The studio plans to release the film for a two-week engagement starting Aug. 12. Gleeks who were unable to get tickets will be able to catch the concert in 3D. The tour starred 14 members of the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning TV show, and the film will also feature behind-the-scenes moments.

Still no. Less no than a non-concert companion feature, but no just the same.

The feature will be directed by Fame [2010] helmer Kevin Tancharoen.


Maybe this is a good time to talk about 3D and how little studios understand this technology they have thrown themselves behind, or how little audiences care. Maybe this is a good time to talk about Glee and how it hasn't the slightest clue whether it wants to be a kid-friendly song 'n dance show, as evidenced by this news, or a more adult program. Maybe this is a good time to talk about Lea Michele and challenge her to a knife fight in the Pajiba Thunder Dojo, I just don't fucking know, all I know is I'm just mad right now and I have nothing intelligent to say. Because everything about this is silly and I understand nothing and I may have shortcircuited in my brainplace.


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