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Gillian Anderson Prefers British Series, and We Narrowly Escaped An Americanized 'The Fall'

By Cindy Davis | Industry | January 9, 2015 |

By Cindy Davis | Industry | January 9, 2015 |

It’s TCA panel week, which means there are press tours galore, and series insights from showrunners and stars alike. Of particular interest was the Netflix panel, where new series like Bloodline and A.K.A. Jessica Jones were discussed. (Bloodline will be different from Damages; focusing on family — not career, and debuts March 20th. A.K.A. Jessica Jones may not premiere in 2015.)

But it was The Fall press that quickly grabbed my attention, because a) Gillian Anderson is one of my favorite actresses, and a goddess (embiggen this photo and tell me what this woman is doing to get more gorgeous with every passing year. She is positively glowing. Also, I covet her dress.)



and b) My god, we were almost subjected to another Broadchurch/Gracepoint fiasco! The Fall series writer/director said a deal fell through for an American remake, and series creator/writer/director Allan Cubitt says we may still be in trouble:

“I think there’s probably still sort of interest out there. I think maybe after the second season, there might be more. For me, we share a common language. I’m not quite sure why you would remake The Fall, particularly for the American market. I’m really gratified by the fact that Belfast accents seem to present no problem. So I’m very happy with you guys watching what we’ve created.”

Have mercy, and please don’t.

Cubitt’s plans for The Fall do seem to be fluid; his original plan (written specifically with Anderson as Stella) was for only one twelve episode season. After discovering he’d only get five episodes, the showrunner purposely created a cliffhanger to push for renewal; it worked. He also expects a third series order, though it isn’t yet official.

As for Anderson’s thoughts about working on British series, the actress says she finds it:

“…”feels more human being‐to‐human being and, I would have to say, to be honest, more respect - a great deal more respect. I think there’s a lot of - there’s a little bit of cattle‐ranching over here. And that’s certainly been my experience. And it’s a shame because it doesn’t have to be that way.”

(We’ll have to hope Hannibal wasn’t offended by Gillian…you know how he feels about the rude.)

Jamie Dornan isn’t too hard on the eyes either, and though those Fifty Shades trailers make him seem duller than dirt, he’s better in The Fall.


Dornan says despite his roles, he’s not a sadist:

“If I’m doing something particularly heinous to an actress, I will apologize in advance and say that, you know, ‘I’m probably not going to derive a huge amount of pleasure out of this. I want you to know that. I hope it all works on screen and it makes sense and it’s all there, but it doesn’t come easy to me.’”

The Fall, series 2 already aired in the UK; it begins on Netflix January 16th. (Please no spoilers in the comments.)

(via Collider and Hitfix)

Cindy Davis, (Twitter)

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