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Get Ready For A Western Filled With Abortion Jokes: MacFarlane Gets Another Movie

By Jodi Clager | Trade News | December 4, 2012 | Comments ()

There aren't many details as of yet, but the movie's title will be A Million Ways To Die In The West. MacFarlane will, of course, star in the movie. Shall we place bets on which voice he'll use? I'm guessing a Stewie-esque voice, because MacFarlane will find the idea of a gay or possibly gay cowboy irresistible.

Comparisons to the beloved Blazing Saddles have been made by the People Who Write Up That Sort Of Thing For Reporters. Those same People have indicated that the script has "contemporary humor" alongside the myriad of horrible and painful ways to expire back in the 1800s. Get ready for dick and fart jokes with a side of dysentery and murder!

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