Geraldo Rivera Defends Alec Baldwin, Insists 'C**ksucking Fa**ot' Is Not a Gay Slur

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Geraldo Rivera Defends Alec Baldwin, Insists 'C**ksucking Fa**ot' Is Not a Gay Slur

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | December 23, 2013 | Comments ()


In a roundtable discussion — i.e., let’s tear apart the liberal — on Sean Hannity’s show over on Fox News last week, Geraldo Rivera and company decided to use the controversy surrounding Duck Dynasty as an excuse to berate Democrats — like Joe Biden — for all the dumb, politically insensitive things they have said, while asserting that the dumb, politically insensitive things that people on their side of the aisle said don’t mean as much because a guy like Phil Robertson — who commands 13 million viewers a week — doesn’t carry as much sway as the Vice President of the United States because all he does is blow into duck callers.

At one point during the conversation, when one of the liberal members of the panel had the audacity to suggest that a private television network had the right to air whatever it deemed suitable for its viewers (capitalism!), Sean Hannity suggested that liberals only attack conservatives, but that when liberals step out of line, liberals don’t attack our own. When one of the liberal panelists offered up Alec Baldwin, Rivera came to Baldwin’s defense. “[What he said] is not a homophobic slur. If you grew up where we grew up, in that era, those comments were commonplace.” Then Hannity said something about “thought police,” and my brain shut down.

Oh! I see! We’ve been approaching all of this the wrong way, people! Context, geographic location, and upbringing matter! If Paula Deen says the n-word, it’s not because she’s racist, it’s because in the era she grew up in, that word was commonplace. When Mel Gibson suggested that Jews were responsible for all the wars, he wasn’t being anti-semitic. That’s just the way he was raised!

We in the “thought police” just have to cut people more slack, folks, because not every offensive, demeaning, bigoted, and homophobic thing that other people say is offensive. Baldwin didn’t mean to suggest that the photographer was gay, he just meant to suggest that he sucked dicks (don’t we all!?), and when Paula Deen uses the n-word, it wasn’t racist. That’s just what they called black people back in her day! And when Phil Richardson said that blacks were happier when they were picking cotton and singing before that dastardly welfare came along, well, you have to put that into the context of Phil Robertson being raised in a hateful era in the South when Ku Klux Klan members were regularly voted into office. It’s just a different era, y’all! Bygones!

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  • alistz

    You seemed confused. Geraldo is a liberal guy. He is defending Baldwin, a liberal guy, for using anti-gay language.

    Hannity is saying liberals defend other liberals when they use slurs, and they attack rightwingers for the same behavior.

    What is it that you have issue with? That Baldwin used a gay slur? That Hannity claimed liberals protect their own with a double-standard? That Rivera did exactly what Hannity claimed a liberal would do?

  • Uriah_Creep

    doesn’t carry as much sway as the Vice President of the United States because all he does is blow... into duck callers

    I thought that sentence was going in a different direction entirely.

  • e jerry powell

    Don't take off, it still might.

  • Semilitterate

    "C*cks*cking F*ggot is offensive no matter what dividing line you care to construct. Geraldo Rivera and "intellectual rigor" have never been on a first name basis, no matter which network he has appeared on. For the life of me I can't believe he isn't in some Ratheresque purgatory. Or locked in some safe somewhere.

  • greystokememphis

    You know what sucks? The idea that "sucks" has become an inoffensive insult. You know what it means, right? It means "sucks dick." It means homo.

    I get the same cringe when I hear old cartoon characters say things like, "Get your cotton-pickin' hands off me!" Think about it.

  • bcarter3

    Still waiting for the valiant Fox defenders of free speech to demand that Martin Bashir be re-instated.

    But thank god finally Geraldo Rivera weighed in, with all the intellectual rigor one expects from the network that employs Steve Doocy and Megyn Kelly.

  • e jerry powell

    Yeah, I hope you brought a book.

  • Long_Pig_Tailor

    Okay, but we're really calling this "Trade News"?

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Leave it Fox News to take an interview with some reality tv fuckaroo and make it about partisan politics.

  • zeke_the_pig

    Merry fucking Christmas, everyone!

  • JJ

    Happy Holidays!

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