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George R.R. Martin's Comic Con Photo Gives Us An Idea of What's Really Going on in the Sick Mind of Daenerys Targaryen

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | July 25, 2014 | Comments ()


Mrs. Pajiba-hyphenate doesn’t watch much television, aside from stuffy British dramas that would please the Downton Abbey loving old lady inside of you. One of the shows she does watch, however, is Game of Thrones, which is pretty much the opposite of the kind of show she would typically watch. But then again, she threatens to quit after every episode. She finds much of the series problematic, and part of that is because she is convinced that George R.R. Martin is a skeevy old dude who gets his jollies from the sexual kicks of his characters.

My wife has a problem separating George R.R. Martin from the characters, sometimes, and whenever a sex scene comes on, she can’t help but think about Martin writing that scene in his secluded room on his old-fashioned computer. It gives her the icks.

And if you want to know that she feels like, this picture taken of George R.R. Martin at Comic Con yesterday pretty much exemplifies it.


So, the next time Daenerys is engaged in intercourse on the show, you just remember this photo, and always remember that, no matter how attractive Khaleesi is, it’s Martin up inside that head of hers manipulation her actions with a wide grin on his face.

Source: Reddit via Uproxx

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • Berry

    I shouldn't say anything, because I only managed to read the first book of the series, and I don't watch the show. But framing the criticism as an assumption about what Martin thought or felt when he wrote the text bothers me a little. It makes it too easy for counter-critics to accuse feminist readings of consisting of "personal attacks" and "speculation". You can point out the male-gaziness of it all without even mentioning Martin.

    I think.

  • MotoJ

    Would Mrs. Pajiba-hyphen be less skeeved out if she didn't know what Mr. Martin looked like, or if he looked like Brad Pitt, or was a woman?

    I wonder.

  • Berry

    Well I don't, because like I implied earlier, I'm not interested in trying to read other people's minds. I much prefer reading texts.

  • MotoJ

    As we all should. A work shouldn't be judged by speculating about what the creator's motives might have been.

  • Berry

    Agreed. Although, in the interest of full disclosure, I do understand the temptation to speculate. For example, it's really hard for me to avoid the nagging suspicion that Hemingway wrote Catherine's death scene the way he did to thumb his nose at the nurse who wouldn't marry him. But if I had to do anything like serious criticism of A Farewell to Arms, I wouldn't mention that.

    Then again, deciding whether or not to continue watching a show is not "serious criticism". I don't know. I'm thinking in circles. Of something that's not even any of my business, really. Need to stop.

  • manting

    Thats how I picture all sex I see and do.

  • JJ

    "So, the next time Daenerys is engaged in intercourse on the show, you just remember this photo"

    Frankly, I'm more likely to remember that you insisted on referring to sex as "engaging in intercourse."

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    Personally, I prefer "copulating".

  • manting

    or making the beast with two backs.

  • Muhnah_Muhnah
  • meh

    I'm going to post a couple ok ket phrases that my fellow book readers will instantly identify with but are in no way spoilers. They just indicate how awfully written the sex scenes are in the book, and back up your wife's feelings: "fat pink mast" and "Myrish swamp". Book readers, you're welcome. Non book readers....those are descriptions of exactly what you think they are.

  • logan

    Well. Thanks for ruining THOSE fantasies.

  • Genevieve Burgess

    I think most book readers were already aware of this. See: that time Dany decided to start screwing one of her handmaids out of boredom on the way to Astapor. Also, her total and complete awareness of her breasts at all times, which apparently is important enough to be included in her narrative.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    Really? The last detail escaped me completely while reading the books.

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    Look we've all had those afternoons where it's too hot to do anything and there's nothing on TV and the wi-fi is down and you can't be bothered to read. What else is there to do but screw your handmaid? If you've got better ideas, I'd like to hear them.

  • Billybob

    Well, you could screw the captain of your mercenaries.

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    True, but sometimes he's like in another room!

  • logan

    To be fair the road to Astapor is really straight with nothing to look at for miles. I usually read a book myself.

  • jollies

    True. I always screw my handmaids on the drive across 80 through eastern Nevada. It's quite similar terrain and the handmaids pretty much expect it now.

  • logan

    As they should! Servants must not forget their place.

  • Still a step up from Robert Jordan's female characters needing six pages at a stretch to reflect on the different types of lace at the ends of their sleeves.

  • Berry

    Anything is a step up from Robert Jordan. The colony of sentient dust bunnies that live under my bed write better fiction than Robert Jordan.

  • SottoVoce

    When will they compete their next book? The ghost turds under my fridge want to know.

  • Berry

    I tried to ask, but they seem busy forming some kind of rudimentary feudal society, so it might take a while.

  • Preach. Couldn't even get through the first one (and I'm stalled out about a hundred pages from the end of A Song of Ice and Fire.) Atrocious writing.

  • Berry

    I stuck with Jordan for far longer than I should have (although after the first couple of books I skimmed a lot) because some of his story-lines had such potential. But then he got lost in the endless swamp of ALL THE STORY-LINES and misogyny, so I bailed.

  • Laura

    SO TRUE. Those books could have been cut in half with all the clothes drivel taken out.

  • Balodek

    Don't forget the braid tugging. Hell, he could've wrapped that series up in 2 books by having the characters actually talk to each other instead of, you know, acting like complete douchebags at all times.

  • Laura

    I threw some of those books across the room more times than I can count due to all the douchebaggery. Then I would go pick it up and start reading again. I know.

  • Funny, but that's what Brandon Sanderson basically did when he finished the series for Jordan. You would have a better reading experience at this point by readings books 1-5, reading a one page summary of key events of books 6-11, and then reading Sanderson's end to the series.

  • Balodek

    I quit halfway through book 10, I may need to read the Sanderson books some day, but for now the wounds are still too fresh.

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