'Game Of Thrones' Replaced That Super Hot Guy With A Hobo-Looking Motherf*cker. First Peak.
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First Peek: 'Game Of Thrones' Replaced That Super Hot Guy With A Hobo-Looking Motherf*cker

By Joanna Robinson | Trade News | October 3, 2013 | Comments ()


It’s not brand spanking new information that Ed Skrein, who sultried the hell out of the Daario Naharis role, will not be returning for the next season of Game Of Thrones. In fact, the identity of his replacement, Treme’s Michiel Huisman, isn’t even new. We’ve known that since August. What is new are these set photos that reveal that the powers that be are not even trying to make Daario 2.0 look like the original. You can see him below. He’s the hobo-looking beardo in brown leather. No. Not Selmy. The younger one.



Now, personally, I’m all for the slap-dash beardo look. I mean, neither TV Daario resembles the book description so we might as well have this Robin of Locksley version. Honestly, it reflects better on Dany that she’s not losing her sh*t over that other, Fabio-looking cat. That whole plot line made her look disappointingly dim.

Of course this isn’t the first time an actor has been replaced on Game Of Thrones, but at least the two Gregors were both massive, bearded types. I’m worried that the people who have a hard enough time keeping all the characters straight will find it difficult to connect Hipster Naharis up there to the one who came before him. You’ll have to help them, gentle readers. Well we can, at least, take comfort in this. At least one person must be pleased as punch that Daario isn’t quite as pretty as he used to be.


His neckerchief has come undone with glee!

(via WENN.com)

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  • Maddy

    Jorah/ Dany forever! I feel so weird for shipping this when in the books it was just super gross ... but Iain Glen is definitely way more handsome then book Jorah (and Emilia Clarke isn't 14 which helps)

  • RixenRae

    he looks just like every other freaking male character on the show now. the cast was big enough to keep me confused. Now my pretty blonde boy looks like a stark

  • Tinkerville

    The last guy was super hot? I must have very different definitions of those words. He always gave me a ridiculously skeevy vibe.

  • Luke Anthony Matthews

    I don't understand. The new one is 100 times hotter.

  • Nurny

    Stuff like "Hipster Naharis" is the reason I may have an inappropriate crush on Joanna. But seriously if you're going to recast, at least whip out the blue hair die.

  • Sean

    Poor Sir Friendzone. At least you sort of understand Danny's attraction to Fabio Jr. However, Michiel Huisman is a way better actor. He has been excellent on TREME. Even if it seems, I am the only one who watches it.

  • Slash

    He looks ok to me. I'd do him. After he's bathed and brought to my chamber. Or I'll bathe him myself. Whatever. I'm flexible (wink wink).

  • Hobo sex is hot. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

  • manting

    especially when you have a soup kitchen with dirty frank and the boys

  • Bananaranma

    GoT recasts all the time. Beric Dondarrion (Ser Resurrectalot) and Gregor Clegane come to mind.

    In fact, they've recast Gregor AGAIN with Halfthor Julius Bjornsson.

    Just did a few Google search and none of the pics quite convey that Bjornsson is 6'9" and 410 lbs. Mountain indeed.

  • JoannaRobinson

    Yeah but none of those characters had a significant screen time before they were recast, right?

  • Bananaranma

    Right...Mountain was in two eps in season one and Beric in one scene (I think).

    The reasons are varied. For example, Conan Stevens was cast as Azog/Bolg/Albinork in The Hobbit; a much bigger role whose time constraints conflicted with GoT.

    The question with Daario Nahotness is whether it was a character thing or genuine scheduling conflict. No word one way or the other.

  • alannaofdoom

    Halfthor? More like Threequartersthor, amirite?

    Sorry, I don't know, it's been a weird day.

  • ZbornakSyndrome

    Granted, his clothes look...ripe, but you could say that for many GOT men. I mean, I love Ned, but I bet that fur wrap smelled like blood, rot and a hint of horse shit.

    Maybe it's me, but the face and the beard look pretty damn fine to me, from a distance. Never did care for baby faces. Then again, I think Bronn and Jorah are hot so maybe I just like dudes with some miles under their boots.

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    I've been on #TeamJorah from the beginning. The dude is unquestionably loyal and badass.

  • foolsage

    Welllllll, he's been completely loyal, except for selling information about Dany, in hopes of returning to Westeros (season 1/first two books).

  • Wigamer

    But he really regretted it! I think that was after he saw Khaleesi naked and stuff, but still!

  • I dunno. The guy in the pic looks like a poor man's Aragorn. Of course, I'm up with the books, but haven't even started the show. Well, ok, I watched the first episode at a friend's house. But anyway. Dude's got a Viggo vibe's what I'm saying.

  • mograph

    Can we call him "Darrin?"

  • mograph

    ,,, or "Daarin," actually.

  • Strand

    And here I was getting used to Fabio Naharis.

  • Captain_Tuttle

    . . . or Faabio, that is.

  • Billybob

    At least he's got a beard. Maybe they'll CGI the blueness in later.

    Or, y'know, they're still aware that that would look really frickin' stupid and unsexy. But part of me can still hope.

  • Not sure either of them merits a "peak" but I'm not heartbroken by this change. The first guy was sort of smarmy, and even though I don't read the books, I'm pretty sure that's not how he should be.

  • Maguita NYC

    From GoT: In the books, he is described as having dyed blue long curly hair and a matching dyed blue beard with three prongs, though he dyed his mustachios gold. He also has a gold tooth. His loud physical appearance is typical of Tyroshi sellswords, who have a reputation for being flashy and flamboyant. He wears a Dothraki arakh on his left hip and a Myrish stiletto on his right hip, their golden hilts custom-made in the shape of naked wanton women.

    Does that answer your question? :D

  • manting

    he is also a total baddass warrior but he possesses no morality, class, or refinement and is ignorant low-born scum.

  • Okay, I take it back; that has smarmy written all over it! Thanks for the answer.

  • And yeah, that does look like Jaime...

  • My hope is they replaced him with someone who can act, regardless of how skilled he is in the arts of war.

    And now I'm automatically logged in with Disqus without ever actually having successfully logged in.

  • Why isn't Skrein returning? Did Def Jam sign him or something?

  • Pinky McLadybits

    I love this headline.

  • Zirza

    I don't watch Game of Thrones but if the sultry-looking guy is the one in the header, then let's just say we have different taste.

    Scruffy Huisman ftw.

  • KatSings

    I didn't like Daario Original Recipe - didn't find him attractive, didn't like his acting. So I'm hopeful for Daario 2: Electric Boogaloo.

  • MrMinion

    Okay, but what if Classic Dario: Back by Popular Demand is then in season 5?

  • Fredo

    What I find surprising is that they're keeping the character, but with a new actor. That was easy to do with the Gregors since his character can be described as "minor character/gigantic dude with epic beard that kills everything that's near him."

    Maybe they felt that Daario 1.0 was pretty but couldn't do the acting needed to keep up with the story.

  • tjedison

    First PEEK

  • Mrs. Julien

    Look how alarmed the kitty is. I hope you're happy JoRo. You've traumatized a cat.

  • tjedison

    Don't upset the schizoid Wain Cat.

  • IngridToday

    I didn't have a problem with Dany's relationship with Daario because it fits her personality of assuming everything will work for her because she's awesome and entitled to what she wants. Westoros is the perfect example of her dimness. She barely knows anything about the country, mostly because she's only occasionally interested in the current politics. She doesn't taken advantage of her few Westoros men she has to learn about current major/minor houses, all the reasons for the current war, religious uprising, or most importantly why her father could be murdered and no one cares.
    She just keeps thinking she'll show up in Westoros there will be a little fighting, but, then she'll be an awesome queen and people will love her.

    Honestly a lot of her power/resources comes from dumb luck (dragons) or other people coming up with battle plans and fighting said battles as she sits in a tent, sometimes while reading a children's book about Westoros history.
    Her falling for Daario has less to do with her age and more with her general entitlement, arrogance,a need to be loved/worshipped.

  • ERM

    In the books, she comes up with battle plans. I heard they changed that in the tv show for no reason.

  • Maguita NYC

    *Snark font.

    There are reasons. Showing her boobs has not so far allowed enough time to also showcase her strategic skills... If only they could find a way to showcase both!

  • ed newman

    Naked Battle Strategizing? I'd buy that for a dollar!

  • Maguita NYC

    A dollar! You cheap fart. :D

  • Three_nineteen

    I think Dany's just desperately lonely. Her brother, husband, and son are dead. She has servants and companions instead of family. Plus Daario is the GOT version of a "bad boy", and most teenage girls can't resist a bad boy.

  • Sherry

    I, for one, am displeased. I am a book reader and didn't like the description of Daario but found the onscreen one rather pleasingly pretty. I am also terribly shallow and not afraid to admit it.

  • foolsage

    I'm a straight guy, but yeah, the first guy seemed pretty enough, to me. He didn't match the description in the books (at all) but he conveyed the spirit of the character well, in my view. He was supposed to be a smarmtastic dudebro with pleasing features, and indeed he was.

  • PDamian

    And why shouldn't Dany find Daario pleasingly pretty? Granted, he's no Drogo (and who is, really), but isn't Dany a woman, and one who can appreciate a good-looking man? And given all the gorgeous women in GoT displayed in all their naked glory, is it too much to ask that the producers give their female viewers a Daario who's mighty fine, rather than the "hobo motherf*cker" Daario 2.0?

  • Sherry


  • Bonga

    I could swear that hobo looking guy was Nikolaj? At least the DailyMail said so.

  • JoannaRobinson

    Wow, the Daily Mail writers are even worse at their job than previously reported. What in seven hells would Jaime be doing there? That doesn't even look like-I can't even.

  • Aaron Schulz

    that looks like Nikolaj in that they are both white guys i guess

  • zeke_the_pig

    Bonus points for the phrase 'Fabio-looking cat'

  • Carey Adams

    I must have missed that announcement. Why did they have to recast?

  • LonelyIslander

    Ed Skrein is also in a rock band and due to scheduling conflicts had to back out of the 4th season.

  • alannaofdoom

    And also he was terrible.

  • socallmeshirley

    Terribly hot, you mean.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    He's not very bright, is he?

  • MrMinion

    "You know, this acting gig has been fun and all and the pay is good and it's really cool to be in an internationally successful show, but I'd rather focus on my band right now."

    Not that I'm sad since I know he's MUCH less good looking outside the show.

  • Sherry

    I would also like to know this. Actor conflict or fan reaction (which I believe was mostly negative but couldn't back that up if you paid me to)?

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