Game of Thrones' Nude Scene Filming Plans Halted by Croatian Church

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'Game of Thrones'' Nude Scene Filming Plans Halted by Croatian Church

By Cindy Davis | Trade News | August 25, 2014 | Comments ()


Season 5 Spoiler Alert: If you’re not a book reader, please beware the comments. I’ll not openly address whose nudity we’re talking about, but I can’t guarantee the comments will stay clean…

The Game of Thrones’ audience knows we’re pretty much guaranteed some kind of nudity in several episodes each season. It’s an accepted byproduct, and HBO has no problem letting Benioff and Weiss police themselves. But TMZ (Major book Spoilers at the link!) says plans for an integral Season 5 scene have come to a screeching halt after a church in the Croatian town of Dubrovnik put a stop to granting the series a filming permit. Apparently the Church of St. Nicholas frowns upon “public displays of sexuality” — including nudity. As A Dance with Dragons readers know, (Book Spoilers ahead, swipe to see): Cersei is shaved, stripped and forced to do a penance walk, after admitting to the High Septon she had relations with several men. End Spoilers.

At this point, producers and the town are at a stalemate over the crucial scene; it seems they’ll have no choice but to film elsewhere.

Cindy Davis, (Twitter) has no problem with public nudity.

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  • Kris

    To be fair, the church in question objected Cersei COMING OUT OF THE SAID CHURCH NAKED, not the walking in the streets. Please, Pajiba, check facts.

  • John W

    This will not stand.

  • SottoVoce

    They should find a deconsecrated church of similar vintage and/or style elsewhere in Europe and use it instead, if need be. There's at least one that was converted into a night club.

  • luckypete

    I hate that we're getting any news like this from TMZ. I feel like I have to go take a shower now.

  • JustOP

    It's an important scene that deserves to be done right. Especially for the Stark fans who relish in a little Lannister suffering.

  • BWeaves

    Cause she'd be Stark Nekkid (tm)?

  • JustOP

    She Cerseinly would be.

    I'm ashamed at how awful that pun is.

  • BWeaves

    And yet, it got more votes than mine did.

  • JustOP

    Well, you can'Tywin em all.

  • BWeaves

    Arya messing with me now?

  • dragonchild

    The Church is probably just trying to make this a big deal so they can bask in the Sansationalism of it all.

  • Maddy

    If they do this right could be so powerful.

  • BWeaves

    Just about every TV show I watch has characters CGIed into street scenes that were filmed else where or made up in a computer. I'm really surprised they were planning on doing this live. I thought they'd film everything BUT the nude character, and then CGI them into the scene, or visa versa.

    That, or do it on a backlot.

  • Sam Underwood

    it is a crucial scene to this characters arc, leave Croatian imo if the residents are going to be assholes about it. Its a show. Not real life. Get over your insecurities about the human body.

  • delle

    Just because a church denied them a permit to film nude scenes on their premises (as is their right), it's rather unfair to imply the residents of Croatia are being "assholes" about it; it's not like they really had a say in the matter.

    As to the issue of the church's decision being related to insecurities about the human body, personally I have no hangups with nudity or the human body and rarely wear clothes at home, but I still think it would be innapropriate for me to go out in public nude, or to go in a church nude either. I really hope they get to shoot the scene as written, but I'm not going to bitch out a church that chooses not to allow it to be filmed on their property.

  • Sam Underwood

    Reread the dang post. Its not filmed on their premises, they got the GoT permits revoked from the city. Meaning, they can't film the scenes in the city streets.

  • delle

    My apologies then. I didn't click the link, the way the Pajiba article was worded led me to assume that if the church was denying the permit, then the permit must be for filming at the church.

  • Mrs. Julien

    It's a church. A church is a club. They get to decide what happens in their clubhouse.

  • Sam Underwood

    Reread the post. A church got the permit revoked for a shot in the STREETS. If it was in the church I could understand but it is not, it's a shot in the streets of the city.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    Well, this recontextualizes everything. Now, that must be a bummer for the producers, who'd thought that the town from Footloose would have a branch in Croatia?

  • Mrs. Julien

    CURSES! Foiled again by reading comprehension!

  • Mrs. Julien

    This seems entirely reasonable on the part of the church.

  • Maddy

    OMG I just hope they actually still do it. This is such an important scene where nudity is actually really important to it. The shaved head would be good too but I doubt they'll do that.

  • dragonchild

    The point is to humiliate and punish, right? All right just put... in stocks, problem solved. I think the church is being heavy-handed here so I'm inclined to side with HBO on the issue itself. But as far as justifications go, "...s gotta be naked; it's really darn important," strikes me as dubious. As far as character development goes the key ingredient is shame and with just a little bit of creativity...can be clothed for that. Separation of church and state is the bigger issue here but we need to remind ourselves that not all nations are alike.

    Edited out pronouns.

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