Fox Thinks We're All a Bunch of Idiots Who Have Never Seen a Television Show Before
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Fox Thinks We’re All a Bunch of Idiots Who Have Never Seen a Television Show Before

By Vivian Kane | Trade News | May 12, 2014 | Comments ()

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Is anyone else starting to get the feeling that maybe the executives over at Fox are acting under the assumption that no one watching their shows has ever seen television before? That they can put out whatever derivative half hour turds they want, and no one will notice that we’ve already seen them in infinitely superior forms?

The reboots and spin-offs aren’t what I’m talking about. I mean, they may not be the most original things Fox has going for them, but I’m not gonna complain about an American-accented Tennant hanging out with a pant suit-rocking Anna Gunn. I’ve established my excitement for the latest Batman vehicle (pun intended, obviously). And I don’t think anyone’s hoping no one will make the connection between MasterChef Junior and Junior MasterChef, the UK version of the same show.

But when they give us Twin Peaks and call it Pines? That’s just insulting. Not half as insulting, though, as the trailer for Mulaney. Given the presence of Nasim Pedrad, one could almost mistake it for a bad SNL parody. But no, they’re for serious. A comedian (hilarious and lovable as John Mulaney may be) alternating between stand-up segments and his life with two bitchy friends and a kooky neighbor. Now where have we seen that before? Oh, I don’t know, maybe on ONE OF THE GREATEST AND MOST POPULAR TELEVISION SHOWS OF ALL TIME?

But no one saw that, right? No one’s going to notice a thing.

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  • jkredwine

    I was hoping it would be less clueless repackaging and more tongue-in-cheek referentiality. It appears I was wrong.

  • Lee

    Wayward Pines is based on a book series, and I for one, am looking forward to it. People getting trapped in weird small town themes are not unique to Twin Peaks, but have been done to death by authors like Stephen King and Dean Koontz - it's hardly unique to Twin Peaks.

  • Mythra Sun

    My God, that was terrible. As much as I like Nasim Pedrad (Persians represent y'all!) I would rather pluck my unibrow than watch this mess

  • Drake

    John Mulaney does have wonderful ears. And that trailer sucked so hard that I need a cigarette.

  • RocksEaglesHats

    "The NBC pie chart is dominated by The Biggest Loser and, the yellow slice, our number two priority: make it 1997 again through science or magic."

  • Swaimfan

    i thought this was a joke trailer. Like they are pulling your leg with how awful it makes the show seem.

  • TK

    The gunshot line was the only redeeming part of this, and frankly if it stuck with that kind of darkened humor spliced into such a light-toned sitcom, it'd be brilliant. Sadly, it's just dumb.

  • AudioSuede

    Now, now, to be fair, to be fair: With John Mulaney, I have no doubt whatsoever that he's self-aware enough to make his show very different in tone from Seinfeld.


  • John

    I am going to pretend this doesn't exist, and go watch New In Town again.

  • ASFan

    Well, won't be surprised if that gets cancelled.

  • cruzzercruz

    Is there some kind of subversion or is this literally just a waste of talented people?

  • MisterMJ

    Hey Mulaney, still waiting for "Love at First Sight" by New Line Cinema.

  • TheAggroCraig

    Is Nasim Pedrad's character just named "I'm Single"?

  • Green_Eggs_and_Hamster

    Nope, she is Will They? and he is Won't they?

  • Yocean

    Bland blanderson white dude says what? I did not laugh even once at his lazy jokes. That maybe because I'm a comedian but what a waste of hotness that is Nasim Pedrad.

  • John G.

    I think Mulaney is playing with the tropes on purpose. His last standup special also had a nostalgia tv theme.

  • Enrique del Castillo

    that's what gives me hope; when I read "multi cam" I expected a subversion of the typical multi cam/laugh track show. The trailer looks awful, but maybe that's on purpose, made by Fox to mislead the audience into thinking this is yet another dumb sitcom.

  • vodka

    Aaaand there it goes. Any hope I had for Mulaney died a painful death the second a dog in a rasta wig rolled out on a skateboard.

  • Aaron Schulz

    Id rather watch a show starring that dog going on adventures with his skateboard. Maybe the hat is sentient, like the sorting hat, and offensively voiced by Hank Azaria.

  • LL

    It's not like Fox came along and manufactured Mulaney's show to resemble Seinfeld. I'm not sure how much has changed since he first shopped it to NBC, but this is essentially his creative baby.

  • Jenn Hamm

    I'd really like to believe that this is not his creative baby. He's so much better than this.

  • Matt C.

    The pilot script for Mulaney had no standup bits in it and the characters main job is as a writer for a game show. Plus Mulaney's standup is excellent...basically the best working today, at least in my opinion, and very different from Seinfeld's standup. I'm super excited about this show.

  • mairimba

    That looked like an excercise in a amateur improv class.

  • Nothing about that trailer has any hope to improve

  • mograph


  • Dove of Doom

    What's a "television show?"

  • Jezzer

    Something the horribly pretentious like to wank about never watching.

  • John W

    Could it be some form of Andy Kaufman like mind f*ck on Mulaney's part?

    At least we get to see Nasim Pedrad.

  • Jenn Hamm

    I love Nasim as much as the next dude, but this is an ill fit. A laugh track? Really? It's a tough time in America- I get it. For the right price, I would do practically anything, too.

  • Jackson Smith

    Geez, "Wayward Pines" really is "The Prisoner" and "Twin Peaks" in a blender.

  • Jenn Hamm

    Ohhhhh, how I love John Mulaney (Too Much Tuna, anyone?), but that was so GD cringeworthy, my heart hurt. Like hurt a lot.

  • The one thing I noticed about the preview is how John appears to be performing stand up in front of the set for his show. So, in that way, I hope it's more like It's The Gary Shandling Show than Seinfeld.

  • googergieger

    I don't get a Seinfeld feel at all from this. I mean maybe if Seinfeld were just totally irredeemable. Hell even season one of Seinfeld made you think it had hope to get better.

  • Aaron Schulz

    Its Seinfeld for the audience you hate.

  • TK

    It's Seinfeld for morons.

  • Duvall

    Now where have we seen that before?

    The Dick Van Dyke Show?

  • Ooohh Duvalllll

  • mograph

    MTM in Capri pants.

  • e jerry powell

    da da da da da dup
    da da dup da da dup
    da da da da da da da da da da
    Whoop BOOM

  • Miss Jane

    I could have lived with this if the comedian parts had been funny. But...NO

  • mlurve

    They straight up referred to it as the "Seinfeld for the new generation" in the presentation. It was not even subtle.

    Edited to add: They also straight up referenced Twin Peaks when talking about the Pines show.

  • googergieger

    See I told you all Fox thinks this generation is stupid and has horrible taste in everything. Yet you all still keep watching New Mindy Girl Project and whatever the hell else they have on there you all can't stop talking about.

  • TK

    I'm not on board with everything you just said, but "New Mindy Girl Project" is fuckin' perfect. I'm stealing that.

  • Classic

    LOL hey. I like The Mindy Project. New Girl went downhill so fast for me this year. I love Brooklyn 99 though. And I cannot wait until Sleepy Hollow is back (runs and hides somewhere).

  • Jezzer

    I hate it when he's genuinely funny. >:(

  • mlurve

    Broadcast in general struggles with reaching young people. The median age for most broadcast channels is in the 50s (with CBS being the oldest, as you would expect).

    They were basically talking about Millennials as if we were some alien species as opposed to people with lives and friends and values so I'm not surprised that they're having some trouble reaching us.

    Brooklyn 99 is great though!

  • googergieger

    Millennials? I still prefer being called an oughty boy! But I'm an alcoholic.

  • vivkane

    You know what Seinfeld for the new generation is, Fox? Reruns of Seinfeld!

  • DataAngel

    I actually said that to my partner-in-crime the other day when he asked if some show was "This generation's Seinfeld."

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