Forbes List of the Year's Richest TV Actors Owes a Great Debt to CBS, Mediocrity
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Forbes List of the Year's Richest TV Actors Owes a Great Debt to CBS, Mediocrity

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | October 15, 2013 | Comments ()


Forbes announced their list of the ten highest paid television actors of the year and it’s kind of what you’d expect: Most of these guys owe their fortunes to CBS and syndication royalties (in fact, seven of the ten earn most of their income from CBS shows, including Ray Romano, who is now on Parenthood, but receives the majority of his income from Everybody Loves Raymond reruns).

Of the other three, Tim Allen reaps most of his income from Home Improvement royalties (although, he does have an ABC show on Fridays now that 90 out of 100 people couldn’t name), Dempsey makes a killing on Grey’s Anatomy, while Michael C. Hall shows why he agreed to sign on for a terrible eighth season of Dexter. With $10 million, Hall can pay for a lot of lumberjack shirts.


1. Ashton Kutcher — $24 million

2. Jon Cryer — $21 million

3. Ray Romano — $16 million

4. Neil Patrick Harris — $15 million

5. Mark Harmon — $15 million

6. Patrick Dempsey — $13 million

7. Tim Allen — $11 million

8. Angus T. Jones — $11 million

9. Michael C. Hall — $10 million

10. Charlie Sheen — $10 million

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  • e jerry powell

    How much of Dempsey's money is McDreamy money, and how much is his reality show?

  • Limbo

    Seriously stop posting my list of cuties to date on this site it's so embarrassing oh my gawwwwd

  • Salieri2

    At least Neil Patrick Harris is ahead of Charlie Sheen. Small justice.

  • stella

    Sigh.... Ashton Kutcher.. really?

  • kirbyjay

    Angus T Young? Good Lord.

  • Batman

    Isn't TBBT the highest rated show? I don't watch it but I don't see any of their names.

  • e jerry powell

    Ratings don't necessarily translate to pay bumps until it's time for contract renewals/negotiations (see: "Friends," "Modern Family," "The Simpsons," et al.).

  • Sciuto

    Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs!

  • Repo

    Duckie getting PAID. First you hate Blane, then you BECOME HIM. Genius.

  • jennp421

    40% of this list is from Two and Half Men. That's even worse.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    You have to pay people a lot of money to star in that kind of shit.

  • ryallen

    Nobody from BB, GoT, MM, WD,or anything else worth watching is on here (Parenthood is great, but aside from that...) which says a lot.

  • e jerry powell

    Again, Ray Romano's money is mostly not "Parenthood" money. Also, keep in mind that AMC doesn't have broadcast network kind of money to throw around, no matter how good the shows are, not to mention that a full-season order for a basic cable network isn't even half as many episodes, so even if the per-episode pay rate could be as high as, say, what Ray Romano was earning at CBS during his sitcom days (pre-syndication), an AMC star still wouldn't be earning anywhere near Forbes-worthy numbers.

  • Blake

    Isn't that the Hollywood Standard?

    Mediocrity = Huge Pay Check
    Excellence = Tiny Paycheck and Obscurity.

  • BWeaves

    I quit watching Dexter after the Trinity season.

    A lumberjack? A guy who sits behind a desk in Miami all day is going to become a lumberjack? They're kidding right? Season ten starts out with Dexter waking up and discovering that season 9 was dream, right?

  • Actually, eight of these guys get CBS dollars when you remember The Eye owns Showtime.

  • e jerry powell

    I keep forgetting how the divorce shook out; my mind always says Showtime = Viacom.

  • pajiba

    Oh yeah. True, true.

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