First Look: Naomi Watts as Princess Diana -- Nailed It!
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First Look: Naomi Watts as Princess Diana -- Nailed It!

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | July 2, 2012 | Comments ()


Here's your first look at Naomi Watts in Oliver Hirschbiegel's Caught in Flight, a film about Princess Diana's affair with Dr. Hasnat Kahn (Naveen Andrews, "Lost"). Apparently, the doctor called off the affair, and Diana ended up pseudo-stalking him. The movie also alleges that she dated Dodi Fayed to make Kahn jealous. Undoubtedly, those are scurrilous allegations and people who care about this sort of thing will raise a huge fuss. I don't really know anything about the life of Princess Diana, but hey! Naomi Watts certainly looks the part.


(Source: Kinopoisk via The Playlist)

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  • RedDirtGirl

    John Goodman did a better job on SNL

  • $27019454

    Are we still on Diana? Fhuuuu. Really?

  • hapl0

    I'm sorry but if this is nailing it then we gonna need a whole new term for what Josh Brolin achieved in MIB3.

  • roodle

    um no, not at all.

  • pumpkin

    Hey look! It's Naoimi Watts with a Princess Di haircut!

  • e jerry powell

    And a not-terribly-authentic one, to boot!

  • Sara_Tonin00

    She looks like Tina Brown to me...

  • seth

    Too old...

  • Jezzer

    She only "nailed it" if that's supposed to be a picture of Nicole Kidman between "facial treatments."

  • popeye

    She got a fucking haircut.

  • ,

    Anyone who's ever seen "21 Grams" knows Naomi is FAR hotter than anything the royals ever procured (well, maybe Fergie). Diana was meh. She only looked great next to the family she was marrying into, which sets an especially low bar. And even at that, Harry and William ought to get down on their knees every night and thank whatever gods they believe in that they got their mother's looks and not their dad's, even if they have to put up with his hairline.

  • BierceAmbrose

    But did they get the vestigial tail? It's supposed to be a recessive, so ... maybe not.

  • PaddyDog

    Actually, I am pretty sure that Harry did get his dad's looks.

  • Bert_McGurt

    And his ears. Those two are looking more and more like Windsors every day.

  • Kamikazi Feminist

    I've always loved Naomi Watts, and I feel like she'll probably knock this one out of the park. When she gets the right role, she is radiant, and I feel like this will be a good way to showcase her talent. And obsessive romances are the best!

  • BWeaves

    You mean jealous, I think, not dangerous.

    Also, she doesn't look like Diana.

  • Az

    Uh, no she didn't nail it. Sorry.

  • e jerry powell

    The hair is kind of wide for Diana, and the face just ain't happenin'.

  • barlowjk

    To make Khan dangerous? Or to make him jealous?

  • space_oddity


  • Sars


  • pajiba

    Dangerous? What the hell am I saying this morning. Jealous. Of course, jealous. Guh. Thanks!

  • zeke_the_pig

    The brief second when I glimpsed that picture and had a mini-flashback to THAT scene from Mulholland Drive... that right there is the most I've ever cared - or will ever care - about anything even mildly related to Diana.

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