First Look Evangeline Lilly In "The Hobbit Part II": She Steals from the Rich and Gives to the ... er ... Lost?
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First Look Evangeline Lilly In The Hobbit Part II: She Steals from the Rich and Gives to the ... er ... Lost?

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | June 5, 2013 | Comments ()


That's your first look at Evangeline Lilly in The Hobbit: The Desolation of the Smaug, compliments of EW and photographer James Fisher. Lilly will play Tauriel, an elf warrior, and I know how happy it will make Tolkien purists to know that she's a completely made up character, created to give the series some female power and some ROMANCE.

Director Peter Jackson and his co-writers on the Hobbit trilogy, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, invented the character to expand the world of the elves of Mirkwood Forest -- and to bring some more female energy to the otherwise male-dominated Hobbit narrative. "Tauriel is the head of the Elven Guard," Lilly explains. "She's a Sylvan Elf, which means she's of a much lower order than the elves we all became acquainted with in The Lord of the Rings. She doesn't hold the same kind of status that Arwen or Galadriel or Elrond or Legolas do -- she's much more lowly. She sort of goes against the social order of the elves a little bit."

She will also have a love story, perhaps with Legolas.

(via EW)

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  • So.....they decided she should do a Legend of Zelda cosplay?

  • 1qtp2t

    Yaaayyyy.... A made up female character, created as a love interest. yayyyyy (please imagine sarcastic font here, because, NOT yay)

  • Lauralyn

    Holy hell, her form is abysmal.

  • I know how happy it will make Tolkien purists to know that she’s a completely made up character, created to give the series some female power and some ROMANCE.


    *Tolkien Nerd SMASH*


  • molly

    "Completely made up character"? Really? Because of course it's completely inconceivable that one of the numerous, unnamed Silvan elves that take part in the Mirkwood part of the book could possibly be female. Right? Misogynist, much?

  • marya

    The book is what it is.* Tolkien had a gift for creating worlds and telling a good story, but he was utterly uninterested in writing female characters. I don't actually believe he thought of women as having any sort of internal life or agency. The misogyny present is Tolkien's own.

    I wish it were different, and if I ever get to meet him through some sort of time travel or wormhole, I will give him what for. But adding female characters to his story is like adding a scene where Jim and Huck integrate the school system. It's wishful thinking.

    *A sausage fest.

  • The Kilted Yaksman

    So much butthurt, so many wadded panties, so many sandy vaginae,

  • This comment thread is precisely why I love it here.

  • Tinkerville

    I was trying to come up with a witty reason as to why The Desolation of Smaug is a fucking stupid title, but after seeing Part 1, I care so little about this whole damn trilogy that I can't even put in the effort. Eugh.

  • Muhnah_Muhnah

    Legolas already has a love interest! Duh. Elf-dwarf love, man, get with it. I...don't care about this at all. I lost the will to live while watching Part 1.

  • Puddin

    Eww. 1997 called, it wants its Manic Panic hair dye back.

  • logan

    So Evangeline is a "lower order" of Elf? Like from the wrong side of the magical forest? WTF are they doing to this beloved book? I thought it was in good hands with Jackson but he's apparently went full George Lucas on us.

  • BWeaves

    "Went full George Lucas on us" is the perfect description of what happened to Hobbit, Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

  • logan

    I think I've become your straight man. : )

  • foolsage

    Yes, there are quite a few different groups of elves in Tolkien's works, with different languages and customs.

    Tauriel is a Silvan elf, which makes sense. Legolas and his father Thranduil are Sindar elves who rule over a kingdom of Silvan elves. Galadriel is a Noldo (possibly the only surviving one in Middle-earth, depending on which version of Glorfindel you prefer) who also rules over a kingdom of mostly Silvan elves with her hubby Celeborn (whose heritage changed several times as Tolkien fiddled with different ideas; in the Silmarillion he's a Sindar anyhow).

    Basically, elven heritage can be judged based on how close one's ancestors got to Aman (essentially heaven). The highest orders of elves literally lived in Aman with the Ainur (gods/angels) for a while, and as a result they glow from within with what's basically a holy light. They are wiser and more powerful than the other elves by an order of magnitude; Galadriel's the classic example thereof. The lowest orders of elves are those who never started on the trip to Aman (we never see any of them because they remained in the distant East), then those who started the trip but turned aside early on. Tauriel's ancestors would be from that latter group, who never went west past the Misty Mountains. Legolas' ancestors got pretty close to Aman, and dwelled for a while in a special kingdom under the protection of one of the Ainur, so they're more blessed than Tauriel's ancestors.

  • JJ

    Let's call it what it is. She's a poor elf's Arwen.

  • foolsage

    Nah, more like a female Haldir.

  • koko temur

    I laughed for a good minute before i realised you didnt write "female hodor".

  • foolsage

    HA! OK, now that would be an entirely different character. :D

  • stardust

    Oh GOD. The casting directors go to all the trouble to cast some great actors - Freeman, McKellan, Armitage - and then they cast Lilly, who only has one facial expression? Does not compute. If they are casting for hotness, at the very least they could throw some money at Kate Winslet.

  • Mrs. Julien

    My brain stopped at Armitage, about the same time as my lions took over.

  • stardust

    Besides that, who gives a crap about Lilly? The picture we all want to see is Stephen Colbert.

  • Captain D

    So they added Evangeline Lilly to be the love interest of a CGI dragon? Or will she be paired with a giant spider?

  • tarkin12

    This looks like cosplay for a Lindsey Stirling video

  • Bernie

    my three year old son ADORES Lindsey. She is marginally better than the Teletubbies.

  • tarkin12

    and I don't mean that as a compliment

  • TK

    I had to google Lindsey Stirling and now everything is ruined and I hate you.

  • Fredo

    Every The Hobbit Producer:

    "Look! We have invested waaaayyyy tooo much money on this faerie crap to just make one 3-hour movie! Even two 3-hour movies aren't enough! Dammit! We go trilogy or we go home! I don't care if you have to start inventing shit from scratch! Love stories? Shoehorn that in there! New villains! Kids will eat that crap up! Can we find a way to put VIn Diesel and Paul Walker in there too?! Dammit! Don't tell me no! Fast & Furious is making bank and we need some of that to recoup all the licensing fees!! Put Vin in as Dieselrond, the bad ass mechanic elf who makes all kinds of cool gadgets! Gadgets equal accessories for toys and costumes! NERDS LOVE COSTUMES!"

  • luthien26

    I think the EW photo isn't accurate to what she'll look like in the film. For some reason, a lot of the "posed" photos they run look really strange (their photos of Emilia Clarke as Daenerys are a good example - she looks much better on the show). Here's a picture of her in another scene and... thank goodness, that Robin Hood shade of green is gone.

  • FrayedMachine

    okay THAT is a character design that I can get behind.

  • toblerone

    +1. I'd totally get behind hit that elf.

  • HJ

    UUggghhh... that just looks like bad cosplay. My interest in this franchise has officially evaporated. I didn't see The Hobbit until it came out on Blu-ray and I don't even think I'll waste three hours of my life to this ever.

    ...and I saw FotR *13* times in the theatre.

  • BWeaves


    Personally, I lost it when they fucked up the 3 trolls scene. How do you screw that up? It's basic. Dwarves strung up in bags. Hobbit quietly sneaking around, and then throwing his voice to make the other trolls argue with each other about how they are going to cook the dwarves. Sun comes up. Problem solved.

    But NOOOOOO! Jackson had to tie the dwarves on a spit over the fire. How can you argue about how you are going to cook them, if you are already cooking them? And then Gandalf comes in to split boulders and save the day. GRRRR. He wasn't even there.

    And don't get me started on Radagast the bunny tetherer.

  • HJ

    Radagast almost broke up my boyfriend and I. During his initial appearance, I was sitting there frustrated and disappointed while he turned to me laughing and said, "He's got bird shit on his face; that's pretty funny."

  • Preach.

  • /muffled screams of displeasure at completely fabricating a character and the general implications this may have on an already-bloated attempt at another epic trilogy.

    I mean seriously y'all, if they were lacking for characters, find some way to introduce Tom Bombadil in there. You leave out one of the most interesting characters in the whole series of books, but you pump up Liv Tyler's character and add Evangeline Lilly? I mean... dude.

  • Andrew

    Tom Bombadil is the most interesting character in the series? Really?

    You couldn't be more wrong.

    The most interesting character is obviously Thrór's companion Nár. Duh.

  • foolsage

    Hells to the yes. Poor crazy old Nar never really recovered after the whole Moria debacle.

    He really doesn't belong in the Hobbit though, any more than Bombadil does, or for that matter the Blue Wizards (call them Alatar and Pallando, call them Waldorf and Statler, call them Ishmael, whatever). Bilbo and company (ok, ok, Thorin and company) never go through the Old Forest, and never get anywhere near Dunland. The distant East is right out.

  • You are absolutely correct and I am 100% wrong.

    Thank the gods there is internet to show me the error of my ways. Truly, madly, deeply chastised... must have been sitting too close to Old Man Willow again.

  • Andrew

    No, wait a minute. I'm wrong.

    The most interesting character isn't Nár, Thrór's companion. It's Nar, one of the four dwarves who travel with Bilbo after his eleventy-first birthday party.

  • FrayedMachine

    Wow. Not sure how to feel about this. Her hair line/hair looks like it was badly photoshopped onto her. Euugghhh

  • toblerone

    Can't be worse then what they did to Lee Pace. That is Euugghhh.

  • toblerone

    Wow, she really does look like Kate Beckinsale (having not read the headline before seeing the pic I thought to myself "when did Beckinsale play an elf?".

  • TheOriginalMRod

    I thought it was Kate Blanchett at first glance.

  • toblerone

    Yep, I see that too but that's mostly because she's a red head (which Beckinsale has never been and screams Blanchett).

  • JJ

    It's not Orlando Bloom?

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  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    I thought it was a particularly svelt Peter Jackson.

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