F*ck, Yes, Me and Hard

By Brian Prisco | Trade News | September 13, 2010 | Comments ()

By Brian Prisco | Trade News | September 13, 2010 |

Of course, Rourke's next project actually has me a little excited. According to Variety, he's supposed to play Richard Kuklinski, the famous Jersey hitman known as the Ice Man. Did anyone else see those fucking interviews he did on HBO? That dude was a seriously creeped out, cold fucking stone motherfucking killer. He's claimed to have killed over 250 guys for the Five Families. The movie is based on the book by Philip Carlo, and the script's being penned by David McKenna, who wrote Blow and American History X. And while Rourke looks nothing like the massive ghoulish killer, he's a fucking great choice. What always fascinated me about the story is that Kuklinski was family man who had the usual shocked neighbors. I never knew how much of his story was bullshit exaggeration and how much was real. But I'm feeling that McKenna's script is going to be pretty goddamn fierce.

Rourke's got a couple more projects set up. He's allegedly going to be playing Baby Face Nelson in the alternative history comic book feature Pretty, Baby, Machine -- a project also rumored to hold so much awesome I don't want to mention the cast in the accidental chance that I jinx it. Fuck it: Gary Oldman, Jason Statham, and Ian McShane. One's Pretty Boy Floyd, Rourke's Baby Face, and McShane's Machine Gun Kelly. Which means, Oldman may be playing Capone? Fuck, yes, me and hard.

I just hope Rourke's keeps more shit like this in the kitty. Because Swayze's last film role was as some kind of drag queen strip club DJ in Powder Blue.

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