Fallon, Leno, and Letterman All Addressed the "Tonight Show" Takeover Last Night

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Fallon, Leno, and Letterman All Addressed the "Tonight Show" Takeover Last Night

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | April 4, 2013 | Comments ()


It took only five years for Jimmy Fallon to rise the ranks from "Late Night" to "The Tonight Show." Good for him, but damn, whatever happened to paying your dues? I mean, he's an outstanding late-night host, but he really lucked into the timing lottery. Anyway, yesterday, the transition became official, and we also know that Fallon will be taking over for Leno after the Winter Olympics next year.

Everyone is apparently full of good will and congratulations, and there appears to be no hard feelings on any side. Leno, Fallon, and Letterman all addressed the transition last night. Fallon was his usual overjoyed, enthusiastic puppy-dog self, although you could sense he was very emotional in talking about the takeover.

Leno worked the announcement into his monologue, where he seemed to be in good spirits, although it did not improve the jokes. Man, how did this guy stay on top for 20 years?

The surprise of the night may have been Dave, who discussed the situation at length, because you know Dave kind of loves this stuff. I don't really know what's going on between Dave and Leno anymore, but Dave was very congratulatory on Jay's long career, as well as gracious, and he also mentioned that he and Jay had been friends for 38 years, and he didn't add a wisecrack. Really, "friends"?

Conan, for the record, also wished Jimmy Fallon good luck.

Now we can stop talking about it, at least until Dave announces his retirement.

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  • kirbyjay

    I don't know why people make such a big deal about the Tonight Show. Johnny Carson was the Tonight Show. It's been the Jay Leno Crapfest for the last 20 years and now it will be the Jimmy Fallon Puppy Dog Cute Show. Had Letterman gotten it instead of Leno it would have been the David Letterman Snark-O-Rama.
    Carson made his guests look good and be funny. He fed them while still inserting his personality into the show. All the rest, Kimmel, Fallon, Conan, Letterman all focus on their own funny and it seems the guests are there to laugh for them.

  • e jerry powell

    Man, how did this guy stay on top for 20 years?
    People much, much older than me.

  • Buck Forty

    for the record: Dave only said he'd known Leno for 38 years, it was Paul who used the word 'friendship'. But yes, it was kind of odd. I'm not sure I'd give that many column inches to a competitor.

  • Leno stayed on top because the average American has terrible fucking middle of the road tastes. This also explains the outrageously high numbers of all of CBS's terrible fucking sitcoms.

  • googergieger

    "I mean, he’s an outstanding late-night host"

    I guess if you don't like jokes, interviews, or charm.

  • Tinkerville

    Ferguson's is the only late night show I watch, but there's something so wonderfully earnest and sweet and fun about Fallon that I really am happy for him. He's just so genuinely in love with being there every night that it makes up for any awkwardness or stumbles he has.

  • elsie

    I'm usually in bed by the time the late shows start but my husband usually watches Leno. I assume its a bad habit. Anyway, hubby tells me that Leno has been a huge @ss to the network for the last couple of weeks. I did see a commercial last night that showed Leno saying he was going to have to tell Letterman he didn't get the show AGAIN. Yeah, I know Letterman is doing just fine, but man that rubbed me the wrong way. Leno just pisses me off.

  • ,

    A little perspective. From Zap2it:
    At 11:35 p.m. ET, “The Tonight Show
    with Jay Leno” hit a seven-week high in total viewers with 3.522
    million (best since Jan. 28-Feb. 1) and a four-week high in the 18-49
    demo with 982,000 viewers (best since Feb. 18-22). That was better than
    ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last week and CBS’s “Late Show with David Letterman” from Monday through Wednesday. CBS aired NCAA Basketball tournament coverage on Thursday and Friday, and those numbers are not reflected here.
    So Leno kills in the 11:30 ratings by drawing an audience of (does math ...) roughly one out of every 100 Americans, about 1 percent. And THAT was a seven-week high. That's what all this maneuvering and caterwauling is about, 1 percent of the potential audience? (Which is still about four times what a darling like "Girls" draws.)

    Wow. That doesn't seem like much when you put it that way, does it? I'd like to believe more people are fucking at 11:30 every night than are watching Leno. If two out of every 100 Americans are fucking (and it generally takes two), they're clobbering Leno. That's not a stretch is it, 2 out of 100?

    It would certainly makes sense, since I often hear "Fucking Leno."

  • the dude

    so we have letterman, kimmel, conan, fallon,, ellen? Those are the big'uns. Anyone heard of George over in Canada? HE's damn good

  • Jo 'Mama' Besser

    Stroumboulopoulos, I presume? Ehhh,..no, he's fine when he's not trying to impress his 'coolness' on his high-profile entertainers. I absolutely cringe when he calls Tom Waits 'dad' or the 'father-daddy' because *really*, huh? I like Tom Waits too but I'm not going to pussy flips over the frequencies as an act of approbation over it. I mean, *really*. His TV show used to be kind decent about 6-7 years ago, but then they lopped a half hour off him time, implemented that awful panel and leave about 93 seconds to conduct the interviews so that show's pretty unwatchable. Not his fault for that, but...He's still alright, though. He's no Michael Enright, but golly, who is?

    At least he's not Mike Bullard. Thank God that we aren't him, too.

  • toblerone

    No he isn't.

  • the dude

    sorry, I was trying to use my letterman irony

  • toblerone

    You failed.

  • the dude

    fuck it dude, all talk show hosts are shit anyway

  • toblerone

    Not Ferguson or Colbert or Stewart.

  • the dude

    shit I forgot about fergie, he is THE.ABSOLUTE.FUNNIEST. he rocks, and so does stewart. I don't really get colbert that much but he's okay

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Just wait until we hear from Kimmel. He fucking HATES Leno. Like most normal people I suppose.

  • Joe Grunenwald

    I'm still so pissed about Conan getting screwed out of The Tonight Show. I know it's been a few years and I should just get over it, but man.

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