This Was Gillian Anderson's Expression After Her Agent Told Her What Movie She'd Been Relegated To

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 14, 2010 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | September 14, 2010 |

  • Gillian Anderson (Nooo, Scully) and Dominic West (Nooo, McNulty) have joined the cast of Rowan Atkinson's Johnny English Reborn. And noooo, I'm not kidding. (THR)

    Tom Brady > Tim Riggins < Sawyer < Tom Brady = (Ugly Fours)

    You like Gael Garcia Bernal? Do you like the sting of disappointment? Well, here you go folks: Feel the bitterness.


  • Lauren Ambrose -- remember her? -- has joined Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in the cast of David Wain's Wanderlust. Man, I used to have some serious wanderlust for Lauren Ambrose, circa Can't Hardly Wait. She is still the hotterest. A hottie boom botty. Total hottery barn. (Variety)

    FYI: As an illustrious reader, Melissa, reminds, the Red Riding trilogy is on Netflix Instant now. If you liked Zodiac, you'll love these. I saw the first two, and am itching to catch up on the third. They are marvelous goddamn films. Plus, Paddy Considine and a good gander at Andrew Garfield, who will be your next Spider-man (don't hold that against the Red Riding trilogy). (Netflix Instant)

  • John Mayer has cancelled his Twitter account, ending his relationship with his 3.7 million followers. This is news, people! I read it in the (Associated Press), therefore it must be. The thing about hard news, Associated Press, is this: Once you slide toward imbecility, you can never go back.

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