Exclusive: Danny McBride Attached to Stupid Wedding Comedy

By Dustin Rowles | Trade News | March 1, 2010 | Comments ()

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Besides working on his medieval pot comedy, Your Highness, 2008's big breakout star, Danny McBride, has been quiet since the spectacular failure of Land of the Lost last summer. While we await a second season of "Eastbound and Down," however, McBride may be working with his "E & A" co-writer, Shawn Harwell on another feature project.

The project is The Chadster, which at one time had The Hangover's Todd Phillips attached to both produce and direct. Phillips has fallen off as director, but he's still producing the comedy, which is moving ahead with Harwell as scribe.

The studio wedding comedy, set up at Warner Brothers and produced by Phillips' Green Hat Films, is about a best man who has his position threatened when an eccentric, long-lost childhood friend shows up at the wedding and causes trouble.

Danny McBride is currently attached to play the eccentric childhood friend. This is the second project scripted by Harwell that McBride is attached to -- they are also developing the comic-book adaptation, Hench, for Warner Brothers.

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