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20070122_085516.jpgNo one loves the Evil Dead movies more than I. Hell: I specifically designed criteria so that the Evil Dead trilogy would come out as the best of all time. But there’s a reason I never saw Evil Dead: The Musical. And that’s because 1) Bruce Campbell isn’t in the musical, and Bruce Campbell is the reason the Evil Dead movies are so great; and 2) who the fuck wants to see a Mamma Mia version of Evil Dead. Seriously.

Well, apparently someone does. After the success of the stage play, someone got it into his too tiny head that it’d be a swell goddamn idea to not only turn Evil Dead: The Musical into a big-screen feature, but to make it 3-D, so you can experience the agony the way it was meant to be. Three-dimensionally.

And how the hell are you going to include the audience participation element of the stage play where there is no audience in attendance?

And if you doubt the atrocity that is Evil Dead: The Musical, here’s a clip, replete with a muppet moose.

The Chin does not approve.

Evil Dead: The Musical. The Movie.
Get Out Your Boomsticks / Dustin Rowles

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